Kitefoil Alpinefoil: Kitefoil Hydrofoil for kitesurfing

French Manufacturer of kitefoil hydrofoil


Alpinefoil manufactures prenium carbon,titanium and aluminium kitefoils.

After funboards in the 80s and kiteboarding in the 2000s, kitefoils (kite towing a hydrofoil) are revolutionizing surfing.

They provide new incredible sensations, a mix of those experienced while snowboarding in fresh deep powder, and those experienced in free flight, a pure glide in perfect silence. It's upwind surfing capacity is astonishing, meaning you can play anywhere you want on your spot. You can ride starting from 5-6 knots and up, making it really fun in light winds. The kitesoil also boosts your time spent kiting, almost 100% of your trips result in a sesison.

Alpinefoil, based in the French Alps, in between Isere and Savoie, is a manufacturer of high quality all-carbon kitefoils. The company is specialized in engineering, design, and manufacturing of composite kitefoils for kiteboarding.

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Download the Alpinefoil , foil, board, accessories and spare parts price list AlpineFoil price list 04 2016AlpineFoil price list 04 2016


Kitefoil carbon aluminium titanium alpinefoil rt2 1920 no price

Discover the new foilboard range Alpinefoil , all boards are available 

Kitefoil foilboad alpinefoil

Video Windfoil AlpineFoil on the Lake of Monteynard

After some images by the new windfoil Alpinefoil aluminum and carbon, here is a first video to discover these new windfoil there action were shot during the last weekends on the lake of Monteynard, Steave Lyne and louvet Anne honored us with making out a will our products, in sometimes whimsical conditions (10 / 30 knots), the stability and the accessibility of the new windfoil alpinefoil allowed nevertheless to realize beautiful images. On the other hand of very beautiful condition of lake allowed steave to navigate in little air the last weekend


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Of the team Result at the Defi kite where 253 riders was on the start line.

Fleur CHALO 1st women in Masterclass with Alpinefoil Ultimate and RX-V6S Board

Benoît BILLET 1st master class with Alpinefoil Titanium and the new VR7 Board.

In the Same class, Nicolas Wojnacki finished 3rd with Alpinefoil Titanium and the New VR6 Board.

Test of Windfoil Alpinefoil at Monteynard Lake

A few additional images during the Alpinefoil windfoil tests in the Aluminum and Carbon version and the Alpinefoil Windfoil ULW900 wing

Windfoil alpinefoil 0017

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NEW WINDFOIL and windfoil board sur foil AWF1

Img 5312


After 2 years of test Alpinefoil is happy to present his new windfoil and the alpinefoil board AWF1 
The new windfoil is availaible in different setting : Aluminium mast or carbon mast.
The windfoil Wing carbon is specially design for light windfoil and a maximum of accessibility. Aluminium version is availaible in 60 cm 80 cm and carbon version in 95 cm the box is Tuttle , Deep Tuttle , plate , probox with a Aluminum plate adjustable to come perfectly in contact with the bottom of the windsurf board .

Contact us for ordering. First set availaible 20 of july



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The big champion Alex Caizergues ,Faster man of the word on water just take the decision to ride on the new Alpinefoil Kitefoil Titanium 2017 and with the Sc RACE M wing.  First try with It Alex take 37.9 knots with this foil and this wing. It promise a lot for the next

Alpinefoil Team is so happy of this decision.



picture alpinefoil hydrofoil kite foil

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