Kitefoil Sport Wing Winglets Full Carbon matte finish

Full carbon - Program : Light Wind, Freeride, Speed Cruising, Freestyle, Race Light Wind. Sharklets Full Carbon 539 € TTC (with VAT)

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539,00€ inc. tax

Sport Wing matte finish- 539 € TTC (with VAT)

Originally created for light wind racing, the Sport wing is now increasingly popular with riders who want to fly even faster without losing the familiar Alpinefoil stability and light wind performance. 4

The Alpinefoil Sport wing probably has the largest speed range of any foil on the market – it's unique design with vertical winglets allows a takeoff from 4-5 knots and can take you smoothly beyond 30 knots!

Suitable for light, medium and strong winds. MCF carbon fiber. Variable Angle System.

Polished carbon finish. Compatible with all Alpinefoil foil systems. 

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