Foilboard AlpineFoil CX-V6S Wave Convertible

Foilboard AlpineFoil CX-V6S Wave Convertible 152 X 50cm x 22 liters volume Delivery with one footstrap. Dos not include fins 989 € TTC (with VAT)

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824,17€ excl. tax

In stock - 989 € TTC (with VAT)

The CX-V6 S is the only surf-convertible foilboard in the Alpinefoil board line.

It is designed for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert looking for a board that can be ridden with a foil and also as a standard kitesurf board.

Airex epoxy fiberglass sandwich contruction with carbon and bamboo reinforcements. Double concave hull with 3 bamboo FCS boxes in a thruster layout, integrated carbon KF-Box, GPS mount, and 32 footstrap inserts for extreme versatility.

152 x 50cm and 22 liters volume.

Delivery with one footstrap. Does NOT include fins. See option pricing below 


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