Polished carbon finish (instead of standard matte finish)

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Wing XLP2,  Stabilizer , 97 cm Mast ,fuselage, mounting screw inox A4 

Entirely knockdown. Matte finishing. New mast with "S" shape ( ACS Anticavity System technology to reduce cavitation problem) with rope more large, a thinner profil to have better flow and more rigidity.

New fuselage with new geometry to have a perfect curve, a better mildness and better maniability with exceptionnal stability and accessibility which made the world success of Alpinefoil products. All this technology are manufactured according to MCF technology developped by Alpinefoil, building technology by filament winding, the guarantee of exceptionnal rigidity of foil and for complete control and improved performance.

This new foil was created according to a experience of 10 years in foil manufacturing and relies on technologies and Alpinefoil patents developped during severals years (MCF Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber, ACS Anti Cavity System, RSS Reflex Stability System...).

Its 4 inserts in a staggered configuration guarantee  a perfect rigidity of wing mounting and allows Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon totaly compatible with all Alpinefoil wings.

Which AlpineFoil kitefoil to buy ? How to choose your foil according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.

For more information, consult our dedicated 5.0 Full Carbon Kitefoil page here.

Kitefoil AlpineFoil 5.0 Full Carbon GLOSS 2018

kitefoil AlpineFoil 5.0 Full Carbon Gloss 2018 KF-Box double nuts insert - Polished carbon finish (instead of standard matte finish) 1999 € TTC (with VAT)

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