Kitefoil AlpineFoil 5.0 TITANIUM RTeam

Kitefoil AlpineFoil 5.0 RT TITANIUM Choice of RTeam wing RTeam Stabilizing , RTeam Mast of 1 metre, Very fine Titane Fuselage 3395 € TTC (with VAT)

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Kitefoil Alpinefoil 5.0 TITANIUM - 3395 € TTC (with VAT)

Level Beginner from competitor.

NEW MODEL after order

Choice of RTeam Wing

  • Sport Winglet
  • GT SPeed Freeride
  • Aile XLP2 (beginner and  light wind)
  • Wave
  • Race Foil Winglet
  • SC Race (speed crossing)


  • RTeam stabilizer
  • RTeam mast of 1 meter
  • Titane fuselage very thinner 
  • GIS blocks By Alpinefoil,
  • Mounting Inox A4 screws 
  • Box KF-Box. The more prestigious and perform Foil of Alpinefoil range.


The new 100 cm Carbon RTeam Mast is manufactured with technology ACS (Anti Cavitation System), an Alpinefoil exclusivity. This "S" shape allows increase immersed portion of mast and restrict cavitation buble. The limited of disengagement is postponed relative to right mast. It creates with MCF (Monobloc Constant Fiber) technology by Alpinefoil for a exceptional rigidity.

It is been offered with standard KF-Box (Kitefoil Box) manufactured specially for foil. It allows distribute stress on 5 sides and generate a total rigidity in all case. Using of standard KF-Box allows compatibility of 5.0 full carbon with all Alpinefoils boards ( VR5, VR6, VR7, CXV6S...) but also other boards as F-one, 3 G composites or Camet

The GIS of Access and Ultimate preserves wing cover and modificate clamping foil.

That's why the kitefoil 5.0 Titanium is delivered with 8 isolators timing, 4 in front and 4 in back to adjust behaviour foil according to rider level, choice of board ,wing and stabilisator. The GIS isolators are provided with centering guide.

its new design of stabilisator increase control and stability to a high speed.

For le kitefoil 5.0 Titanium, Alpinefoil  wants to create a high resistant material to optimize the  shape, the fuselage.



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