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  • Session at Lake Monteynard

    The riders have done a good session last Saturday at Lake Monteynard, thermal famous was the appointment to ensure a good day of kiting. The fall colors have taken over the banks of the lake, autumnal atmosphere adds a real plus in the session. Pictures of Marc BENOIT speak for themselves, the contrast is striking, it is often during these days that one performs the best photos of the lake.

    Marc BENOIT has yet demonstrated that he was the pro at just picture with these beautiful photographs, a real pro

    On the session, the north wind was pretty light, but steady which enabled the rider to exploit much of the lake extensively. The four riders are equipped with Ozone Chrono 1, Chrono 2 and R1 for Benoit BILLET. On the session all riders was equipped with the front fender SPORT range Alpinefoil

    Remember that the company is officially Alpinedesign Ozone dealer France

  • Team Alpinefoil in Lake Bourget

    Session at Lake Bourget Saturday, October 9, 2015:

    Part of Team Alpinefoil France was given an appointment at the Lake Bourget Saturday, October 9, 2015 at Lake Bourget, although conditions were met, northerly flow, bad weather, parameters rather conducive to the rise of the wind .

    In the end, a good session which allowed Fabio our new team member to discover the lake with his flying carpet, congratulations to him


  • Last stage of the Speed Crossing 2015 PERROS GUIREC

    Back to the last stage of the Speed Crossing Championship to be held in Perros Guirec. The Alpinefoil riders answered present, Benoit Billet and Nicolas Wojnacki gathered there to battle with the best. Benoit ticket was equipped with the new 5.0 with Alpinefoil wing race, which allowed him to glean a few up on other competitor. You should know that to Benoit exceeded 35 knots during his last training in Lake Monteynard with alpinefoil 5.0. Benoit has finished sixth in the standings Senior grapillant a place by beating Thomas Vaclavik and being behind Martin Turbil a big applause for this progression, in the top 10 in the General classification.

    Nicolas him when equipped with the 4.5 Alpinefoil and wing Sport was not unworthy by finishing seventh in the standings veterans, he finished 27th in the general classification

  • Team Alpinefoil in WIMEREUX

    The Alpinefoil team (Deronzier Emmanuel Benoit Billet, Nicolas Wojnacki) have a little way to rally Wimereux to participate in the 3rd stage of the Speed Crossing 2015!

    Armed with their AlpineFoil and wing SPORT, our three Grenoblois pleased to participate GDF Suez Energies France Kite Tour 2015.

    After Almanarre and Festikite, they did not want to miss the third stage of the championship of France speed crossing.

    Back on the competition with very promising results of our three riders.

    In general, Benoit TICKET finished 14th, Emannuel Deronzier in 22nd place and Nicolas WOJNACKI in 26th place

    Seniors Result: Benoit TICKET finished in 8th place

    Results Veteran : Emmanuel Deronzier finished in 5th place and Nicolas WOJNACKI finished in 7th place

  • News Board Alpinefoil RX-V5

    Damien Chaboud present this new kitefoil board, carbon  bamboo epoxy fiberglass shapée CNC  Dimension of 142 x 52.5 to 36 liters , shapée With A Purpose The Better get kitefoil board possible .  The NEW RX V5 AlpineFoil map Is the culmination of 8 years of development in the field of kitefoil .  All technical details and first images of the navigation video! An edict directed by Pascal Boulgakoff .

    Price : 875 euros TTC incl 20% VAT​

    Alpinefoil RX-V5 from Boulgakow on Vimeo.



    Kitefoil hydrofoil alpinefoil19



  • Video manual for foilboard Alpinefoil 5.0 Access


    kitefoil-Alpinefoil-Access-Manual from damchab on Vimeo.

    Manuel de montage du Kitefoil Alpinefoil Access 5.0

    Le premier Kitefoil Aluminium et Carbon avec isolateur galvanic GIS
    Aussi rigide que le carbon pour seulement 200 grammes de plus c'est le compromis idéal pour débuter en s'assurant de pouvoir évoluer jusqu'a la compétition

    Poids 2.9 kg - mat 95 cm - Ailes carbon XLP (freeride)

    le Kitefoil Alpinefoil Access c'est l'accessibilité sans limites a partir de 1095 euros

    c'est aussi le premier foil Alu a dépasser les 30 nœud équipé avec notre aile de race la SPORT

    plus d'infos sur


  • Feedback Customer Alpinefoil Access 5.0

    Customer feedback on the Access 5.0:

    Here are the first customer return on Access 5.0 fired website Kitefoil forum:

    Message Benoit Miquel July 6, 2015

    Hi everybody.
    For those who know me, this is the "Seagull".
    And yes, I started to foil: but eh quiet because it is not obvious !!

    Then it is 4 times that I wrinkled foil, and I had the occassion to test it 3 models:
    - ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0 (alu)
    - KETOS by Orana
    - SROKA

    3 of these tests, I spring with a huge banana with the ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0.
    Model with aluminum mast and fuselage.
    I am at my 4th session of foil, but phew thing what I could do with alpine.
    Super stable and rigid: the blow when you take a lot of speed, the foil remains super super stable compared to others.
    Adaptable light wind wing or wing more efficient.

    In short, easy glide, great instinctive, like a little toy for beginners like me or others that send fadas serious (dedicated to Hugo and Romain !!!).

    What else to say on this foil ... oh yes the board. Pfff ... AT TOP, not big, not too small, the straps made in alpine 'were great !! I enjoyed the config 2 straps to the front and then the back foot V strapless !!
    Anyway, I'm not a crack but there's not surfing, I gets off this my session with ACCESS 5.0 made by Damien Chaboud !!

    I think (and even that's for sure), I'll take one!
    Because I already know the team well ALPINEFOIL and they were great to me (counseling, testing etc.). Then, have a great foil perfo 'but equally accessible and finally downright moin expensive than full carbon (€ 1000 moin, what we done for € 1095) !!

    Cheers everyone and soon on (above) the water!

    The Seagull

    Jm33 message of July 13, 2015

    "I had the chance to try it last Sunday foil, after trying the Manta few weeks ago, the AlpineFoil gave me much more good feelings that the Manta.
    Already in terms of robustness, junction mat / fuselage is much more rigid, no game like the Manta, fixings wing and stab with the same feeling ... The whole is still very heavy, taking to wear dt even to maneuver in the water, but the water start sent the clear impression is that of having always been able to find out the foil so the stability is HUGE! (that said I liked the Manta side stability).

    He does not move and it has all the appearance including downwind, no breakdown detected during the test. Dt suitable speed softness in pides although I felt the inertia of the board.
    A perfect foil for learning or for freeride, I think we must quickly master the "airjibe" and so transfers the foil is easy! To be confirmed by another test longer ... "

    Serialkiler05 message of July 13, 2015

    Testing the Access 5.0 yesterday with the wing freeride, I had already tried with the wing sports during the friendly.
    Heavy to go to the water, then it is forgotten. Sensation stability at all speeds, easier curve with the sport. Max very easy to reach (well mine because I think we can go faster). Immediate feeling of gliding.
    Clearly a very good freeride foil with perfs at least as much carbon foil.

    You can find other alpinefoil return on the following link

  • Flying the new Alpinefoil SPORT Wing

    Kitefoil hydrofoil alpinefoil241

    I've been riding my Alpinefoil hydrofoil for more than a year now and recently I had the privilege of visiting the founder, Damien Chaboud at Alpinefoil HQ in Le Touvet, France. I've been an admirer since I first rode the Alpinefoil and it was incredible to see his operation first-hand, and to ride with the Alpinefoil crew there at their spot, Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet. 

    Damien also gave me the full rundown on his latest additions to the Alpinefoil product line: the Sport wing and the Access 5.0 aluminum / carbon foil. He sent a Sport wing home with me to San Francisco and so in this post I’ll focus on the Sport wing, with another to follow about the Access 5.0 setup. 

    The standard Alpinefoil wing is known as the XLP, for “eXtra Large Program”, a French-English acronym that speaks to the large surface area and easy handling of this wing. The XLP is a perfect wing for getting started with foiling and progressing to the high-intermediate level. The Sport wing is designed for those who are ready to go even faster, whether for free riding or racing. 

    The Sport wing has a smaller surface area, shorter chord length, and upswept 'shark fin' winglets – let's call them sharklets – at the wingtips. Overall, the design goal is lower drag, faster top speed, and greater maneuverability, while retaining the stability and low-speed performance of the XLP. Normal maximum speeds for most riders on the XLP are in the range of 22-25 knots, whereas Damien has already been clocked at nearly 33 knots on the Sport wing, and most riders should be able to readily achieve 30 knots. 

    I’ve been riding the Sport wing over the past week or so, and it seems to me that Damien has achieved all of these goals and more. First of all, the Sport wing is incredibly easy to ride. Just power up, pop out and you’re flying. The Sport wing does require perhaps two more knots of board speed to get flying, but it still has the same ease of use and stability of the Alpinefoil design in general. I was able to fly the Sport wing back to back with the XLP in very light wind, and it's clear that the Sport wing has incredible low end for such a fast wing. I was up and riding on the Sport wing immediately, just faster and even smoother. Pitch stability is unchanged, and while the Sport wing is still very stable on the roll axis, it rolls and turns more quickly once you initiate a movement, resulting in a livelier, more dynamic ride

    Some of you may be wondering if the Sport wing is the “Race” wing. Damien has produced a few one-off “HELD” wings for racing, but there is no production full-race wing yet. The Sport wing is in production and our team riders are racing and winning on the Sport wing. I can imagine that there is still room for a full-on race-only wing at some point, but for most riders the Sport wing will suit be more than enough for high-speed free riding as well as racing. 

    I’ve been super stoked on the Alpinefoil program from the start, and now even more so after meeting Damien in person and riding the new Sport wing. I also got a preview of what’s coming later this year and in 2016 – and believe me, it’s going to blow your mind! 

    See you on the water! Hit me on Facebook with any questions and join the Alpinefoil Riders group there if you're already an Alpinefoil Rider. 

    Bowen Dwelle
    Alpinefoil Team Rider
    San Francisco

    Bowen Dwelle Alpinefoil Team Rider Kitefoil hydrofoil alpinefoil239