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  • Interview Vincent HOLVOET : Rider Alpinefoil

    Interview with Vincent HOLVOET in early March 2015

    Hello Vincent can you introduce yourself briefly?

    For 14 years I practice kitesurf in Polynesia, I am 47 years old with a passion for sports in general and especially water that are very accessible in Polynesia.

    Former Store Manager Neway Bordeaux, Product Manager at Frog's SA Hossegor (RIP CURL, DSO glasses, WET DREAMS luggage, toobs bodyboards) Socièté events in Bordeaux (surfing competitions structures, motocross, concerts, festivals ...) and Tahiti .

    Or navigates you mainly kitefoil?

    In Tahiti the Hitimahana Spot Motu Martin in Mahina

    How long you practice for the kitefoil and how session about a month?

    Since August 2014, and several sessions per week in general

    What level are you, are you more interested in race or freestyle?

    Intermediate level, rather versatile

    You practice the competition in foil?

    The competition is non-existent here for now

    Are you sponsored?

    i dont no

    What is your current Quiver Foil and kite wing?

    The Board AlpineFoil RX-V6 + freeride kite - North Wing rebel 8m + 12m

    How do you find the products Alpinefoil (Board + Foil) Accessibility / Performance

    The quality and finish are unconventional, truly exceptional. Accessibility, incredible stability, admission of other practitioners after trying (stable, precise, lightweight, ...). Slides very "easy" and fluid, test race wing. You can find me on facebook on the "hitimahana beach". See you soon

  • La Ventana Gold Cup Mexico 2015 Leopoldo Turco

    THE KITE FOIL VENTANA GOLD CUP 2015 will be held from 23 to 28 March 2015,

    In the program, kitefoileur grouping, exhibition and contest on the week, here's the website:

    Leo will be the party Alpinefoil 4.5 with wing board RXV6 race and we wish him good competition and good performances.

  • Winter week-end Beauduc in Alpinefoil

    Winter week-end Beauduc by marc BENOIT, Benoit BILLET et Christophe MARIN :

    Saturday, January 11, 2015:

    Arrived at 9:30 am with Christophe, we feel that the day is bright: bright sun, wind, and hardly anyone on the beach.

    A beautiful stretch of water well trained with over 18 ° C, four hours of navgation and 75km counter this beautiful ride to the west of Saintes Maries, increasing wind during the day, foil 7m in Voyager. I was wet combi without ever having cold feet and bare hands.

    Sunday, January 12, 2015:

    After a peaceful and restorative super night we get up in the sun in an unlikely sweetness in January. At 10 am on and off to the beach it was already 15°C !

    When we arrived on the beach on a cloudy path offers us a beautiful changing light while the strong wind poses on the floor of sand ripples. magic

    This time we do not hesitate too much on the size of wings, especially as the rocker planned north by strengthening arrives right on time. This will be 5m2 for everyone. The sun is back.

    The water is ravaged, there within 30 kts with slaps beyond that require serious toil wings.

    I decided to go for it in foil. The wind side, it is ultimately easier than yesterday reaching open water. Good wet slap in the face in the shore break, we must guide and hold on the foil under the arm, but the wing allows to get away easily.

    Little session half an hour to manage the slaps of wind and hectic lake with cross wave trains running at high speed under the foil. More tiring mentally and physically.

    Christophe and Benoit will enjoy surfing. Lunch break away in the Benoit truck. Around 16:30 smoothed relative calm the water and Benoit will leave for a good session in foil which may have lasted until nightfall. Christophe we go, fed by a WE Beauduc that still has us well filled.

  • Interview Loic DACCORD : Rider Alpinefoil

    DACCORD loic interview in early January 2015

    Hello loic, can you introduce yourself briefly?

    Loic Daccord I'm 30 .... Heuuuu 33 years. I am originally from the Grenoble area and I settled in New Caledonia for over 7 years. I came in Noumea after completing my studies in college. Sports and BEESAN. I always multidisciplinary physical activities including volleyball and swimming in competition, snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and windsurfing. Arrived here, waiting for my board stuff happening boat in 4 months, I taste the kite and did let go.

    Sailest where you mainly kitefoil ?

    On the Spot Meridien Noumea, 1 Km from home. Caledonia is surrounded by a coral reef that forms a shallow lagoon, forming a fantastic playground with many islands to visit. I most often go around the island and the island duck master, about 14 km for a ride.

    How do you practice kitefoil time, and how many sessions about a month ?

    I started the kite arriving in the territory, first twin-tip, and then came the race, speed, and for a year and a half the foil. Here we have the chance to have 300 days of sunshine per year and almost as much wind. This allows me to navigate throughout the year at the rate of one to two times a week.

    What level are you, are you more interested in race or freestyle?

    I have a feel for the race, both the slalom, the speed and race. I practice the competition for 3 years now. I'm on the second step of the podium this year. Regarding the level of practice it is difficult to really locate, but I can only say that I spend tacking and jibing in air, and I'm in V max 29.9 knots.

    Do you practice the competition in foil?

    I practice foil competition since this year alone and according to the race format. The local league provides different race formats (slalom, speed crossing and race) and on various practice sites that do not allow to run on foil at each stage. Slalom discipline remains the queen with investments in twin-type much more democratized. Hence today the need to be versatile and good on each bracket.

    Are you sponsored ?

    I benefit from good price on Ozone wings with the local dealer: Airpacifik Antoine and supports Damien Chaboud of Alpinefoil. No sponsor.

    What is your current Quiver Foil and kite wing ?

    I am 13, 9 and 7m2 Ozone Edge 2014 and a Alpinefoil course with boards race RX-V6 and V6 CX-wave and wing race.

    How do you find the produce Alpinefoil (Board + Foil) Accessibility / Performance ?

    For a year and a half, I have tested many different foils and I find the Alpine foil much more successful today. I find the board race open to all levels of practice. It is also very well proportioned for light wind. Today I sail with this board in all conditions of wind and swell. For the foil, I'm surprised by its stability and heading.

    The world of foil is booming and evolving, while Alpinefoil knew how to be innovative and ahead of its time, which enables this product aged about 2 years to always have a step ahead competition.

    In conclusion I came across Damien serendipitously and I immediately flashed on the design of the Alpinefoil. The standardized and commercialized version of the foil is very accessible. Even if the performance aspect is the appointment I think future developments will be on customizing the hardware and broadening the range of foil wings (I expect the wing speed). I would especially like to thank Damien Chaboud for his presence and support as I commend the work done and the product he has in the world. The sensations produced by Alpinefoil are hardly descriptive better than to talk about it must adopt ... ciao I'll go on the water.

    Interview Loic DACCORD - Rider Alpinefoil " Photo Crédit : Éric Bellande "

  • Duck tack in Alpinefoil by Pieter Zweers

    Pieter ZWEERS shows us how to make ducks tack hydrofoil. The video was recorded on the island of BONNAIRE downwind in the Lesser Antilles, we see a completely flat lake turquoise blue. Pieter was equipped with wing XLP Standard and RX-V6 board, thank you to him for this video.

  • The discovery alpinefoil by Nicolas Jacquemond

    Story Jacquemond Nicolas during his first steps Alpinefoil :

    After a first session at Fos in 25kt towards Giens for a few days of sweetness to finally test this hydrofoil whose finish did just want to go ride!

    Day 1: 6-7 kt Badine ... light for a second session, but want too ... Foil quickly mounted, I go lotus 15m and Go! The board is nickel waterstart a front strap and stable in water before mounting. Weight on the front not to take off too early and do some edges without mounting as advised by Damien Chaboud designer of the Alpinefoil and FIRE!

    Day 2: The Wind made the yoyo between 9 and 13 kt, I retain the lesson and takes the Speed IV 10m.
    Ah! Finally perched up there, I can test the different gaits and cap ... happiness! Certainly it is sensitive, pressure too much, an overreaction: BIM is the slap; but with a wing that flies with little air stable ... and especially not too powerful, I discovered other navigation possibilities in this Alpinefoil.

    Day 3: The day!
    Almanarre wind off, glassy. Morning session, I find on my feet (the brain to refine connections during the night) and manages to make the edges more than 1km with changes of course, of shapes ...

    Day 4: More wind and waves to Badine, test Convertible V6 CX-board: Good session with during cornering test and lifts the wind a little time to adapt to carve tight (less weight on the up because the board is short). Good upwind despite the small fins.

    Day 5: Early November to Franqui!
    Hop, Foil before it goes too. In 6m will be enough. Good good sport Foil because again underwater waves wave takes the wing of the foil ... you have to go away. But the swell rises and the wind comes in spurts. And that despite the fairly good feeling being perched, I realize that the size of the waves in the sea is too high to be tranquillou.
    Obliged to go up or down depending on the foil hollows and bumps hills ... otherwise it is the exit fins or crash while ... After 1H ride perched with beautiful box, I abdicate to the size of the swell and above attraction to beautiful breaking. Surfing: I'm starting to get used to that pretty little board though handy.

    Conclusion : Besides aches and bruised ribs, a good feeling about this little gem. It will take time to master the beast but from the first moment we are addicted to the smooth navigation becomes very drastic if you want to send the watts. We'll have to do even to refine it all and spend a jibe perched!
    Surfing, snowboarding requires a little getting used to for those who ride with a radical surfing. This is a no brainer surfing, pretty fast and fun.

  • Pieter Zweers Rider Alpinefoil on the island of BONNAIRE

    Pieter Zweers shares his passion for kitefoil BONNAIRE on the island near Venezuela. Pieter is equipped Plate RX-V6 and 4.5 Alpinefoil wing with XLP. Here are some pictures of him trying to ride and achieve beautiful Duck Tack on a water completely flat as this is the spot to leeward. Thank you to him for sharing experience.




  • Hugo CHABOUD - Young Rider promising team of Alpinefoil

    Hugo Chaboud discovered the kite when he was 12. Hugo who is now 15, has progressed with ease since his first sessions and now has reach a good level at freestyle kitesurfing and at snowkiting in particular. He participated to his first competion at the beginning of 2014.

    He discovered kitefoil simply by seeing his father developing hydrofoils at home, naturaly he started foiling in april 2014, and is now already passing foiling gybes. 

    Hugo likes the Alpinefoil 4.5 with XLP wing with the Rx-v6 board which makes him confident for cruising up and down Monteynard lake easily.


    Hugo could not practice kitefoil this summer because of his broken right arm, he is now back this autumn and is showing us all his talent.

    Here are some pictures from Hugo at his fourth kitefoil session at Lake Monteynard on the 25th of October 2014.

    Thanks to photographer Marc BENOIT