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  • Autumn session at Lake Monteynard

    A beautiful fall day on our lake Monteynard saturday 25 october 2014, almost as foils in the water. Storming Savel together to enjoy the beautiful color are along the lake shore. Alpinefoil the team trains in frestyle and offers us a beautiful spectacle. Thank you to both photographers and Marc BENOIT and Vincent LATORRE immortalize those who have fun together






  • AlpineFoil at Lake Monteynard - Fall 2014

    Last Friday, October 17, 2014, Jeff Blachon and Damien Chaboud met at Lake Monteynard in good thermal October. Autumnal atmosphere and thermal ensconced allowed both riders that improve and learn new tricks, the iconic figure of "Jean Guillaume Rivaud" has no secrets for the pair. Thank you to Laurent Hemard for three pictures taken.



  • France Championship Speed ​​Crossing - ALMANARRE October 2014

    The third stage of the championship of France Speed ​​Crossing took place in the ALMANARRE weekend of October 10 to 12. Team Alpinefoil present on the event produced a superb performance to finish on top of the table, note the 3rd place in the standings Damien CHABOUD before Veterans Hervé Rousseau who was at the top spot Veterans in step Speed ​​Crossing in Archachon (Damien was equipped with wing race HELD and Winglets).

    Weather conditions helped to navigate and validate tog sleeves. A big thank you to all the organizers for this event successful frankly. Photos by Sport 421

    Damien CHABOUD makes this year the following instead:

    Championship Speed ​​crossing France Arcachon: 3rd Place Master Class

    Kitefoil Race International in La Ciotat: 3rd Place Master Class

    Championship Speed ​​crossing France Arcachon: 3rd Place Master Class

    Congratulations to Nicolas Wojnacki who finished 6th in the standings and Jeff Blachon Master Class who finished 8th !!


    During the day Saturday, Damien CHABOUD ends 3nd overall in the second round of the funny race !!


    Well done !!


    Loic Daccord Rider Alpinefoil finished 6th overall in the Long Distance Race Bluescope New Caledonia (Appointments must for passionate lubricants) and third in foil, the first being Max NOCHER. Really muscular condition, golf 19 km, 20/30 knots on average with a swell of 4/3 meters ... From 350 competitors battled it all media!

    Superb performance, Loic was equipped with the 4.5 Alpinefoil and wing HELD race and board race RX-V6. Congratulations to him !!




  • Alpinefoil in Corsica with Vincent DAUBAGNA

    Vincent DAUBAGNA, dated last rider to be part of Team Alpinefoil, we are back on this Alpinefoil 4.5 full carbon with surfing CXV6 Wave convertible surfkite.
    Two sessions on the beautiful island :
    The first to Propriano in September 2014, in relatively calm seas, 10 kts Bandit 9m. Speed ​​23 kts, but especially fluid sequence of jibes and transfers thanks to the high lift wing XLP (Xtra Large Program). A very smooth sailing the turquoise waters of the beautiful island.


    The second session in the Bay of Figari, gusty wind 20-25 kts, choppy water, Bandit 7m. The Alpinefoil remains controllable and stable despite gusts.
    Its strong points are: the speed range, the wing bearing in slow transitions while remaining controllable at high speed, allowing firm backing and upwind impressive. It allows you to browse according to their desires, spend a few seconds with a mild jibe to be taken quickly and nervous speed (up to 3 times the wind ...). Changes of pace and direction are limitless. A real fighter ...


  • Results Championship at Quiberon France Foil 2014

    The new wing race HELD Winglet with Option was used during the Championship of France at Quiberon from September 17 to 21 . The Alpinefoil equipped wing racing team has finished the tour is ranked Veteran: 4th place for Damien CHABOUD (Place performed with the wing Chrono 12 m², the other three riders on the podium was equipped with a 15m wing chrono ozone) - Jeff BLACHON 6th - 7th Francis RICHARD - 8th Emmanuel DERONZIER and 10th for Nicolas WOJNACKI 

    Congratulations to the team, a great atmosphere with great wind conditions and an organization to top

  • France Kitesurf Championship Race & Foil Quiberon September 17 to 21

    France Kitesurf Championship Race and Foil Quiberon starts today until September 21, 2014, the riders Alpinefoils are present on the site and look forward to ride on this magnificent body of water in the presence of the best kitefoileurs. The riders from Team are equipped with wing speed HELD with Alpinefoil 4.5 !! The first results come shortly ..

  • Team Alpinefoil at Lake Monteynard - August 24, 2014

    The team was given Alpinefoil appointment this Sunday, August 24, 2014 at Lake Monteynard

    Program: friendliness, support and sharing of experiences among riders, Marc BENOIT was able to capture these moments together !!

    As a reminder, friendly foil to Lake Monteynard will take place on Saturday 13 and Sunday, September 14 !!