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  • Publication Alpinefoil - Men's Health Magazine

    A beautiful publication in the magazine Men's Health Magazine - August 2014

    Published by Rodale in Pennsylvania, USA, Men's Health the largest brand of men's magazines, with 43 ​​editions worldwide. It is read by over 22 million people across the globe. It also the best-selling men's magazine on newsstands in the United States since the early 2000s " !!

    Alpinefoil the side of Alex Caizergues, the fastest man on the planet ....

  • International Kitefoil Speed ​​- Port St Louis July 12 to 14, 2014

    The first edition of the International Kitefoil Speed ​​was held in Port St Louis 12, 13 and 14 July 2014

    Team Alpinefoil was represented by two riders: Nicolas and Jean francois Wojnacki Blachon

    Two excellent performances during the "International Kitefoil Speed ​​Challenge." Both riders were equipped with the new wing HELD race that combines performance and affordability. They took the 3 and 5 seats in Master class. Congratulations beautiful runs for our riders.

    Alpinefoil keeps the spirit of accessibility for all with high quality finishing:

    High Accessibility (XLP)

    Extreme capacity of the wing, incomparable low wind (2.5> 5.5 knots)

    Very high speed performance as well as accessibility to the wing HELD (High Efficiency Low Drag)

    Congratulations to the members of TEAM, to see on the page Rider Team France:

  • Alpinefoil ULTRA LIGHT WINDS 2.5 knots - 5,5 knots

    Alpinefoil, navigate in the utra light wind is now possible with the kitefoil Alpinefoil equipped with its wing set XLP (Xtra Large Program) and boards Alpinefoil specifically designed to start in very light winds.

    The design of the wing XLP has high performance. More then comfort in navigation and high speed close to 30 knots the Kitefoil Alpinefoil with WLP wing set allows down to ranges of extremely low wind for a kitefoil

    We wanted to show you in this video. the sail kitesurfing is a kite f-one Bandit 5 of 14 m2 line standard 23 meters. no extension was necessary to achieve this performance in extreme light wind. the kite must remain in constant motion to never stop.

  • Conviviale Kitefoil Serre Ponçon / 05 and July 6, 2014

    This first weekend of July took place in the Hautes Alpes kitefoil a convivial

    A lot of people were present, a total of 45 foileurs were present on the event! Team Alpinefoil well represented :)

    Saturday 06 July: light conditions (8 and 12 knots) have allowed us to furrow across the bridge spot in Embrun (3 Alpinefoil descended on the lake EMBRUN, great performance in this light wind)

    In the evening a beautiful evening organized by the PKHA, thank you again for your welcome

    Sunday 07 July: The south wind moves around 12:00 this enough (15 knots) and then fades back to swim for sure. Many brand was represented, a really nice atmosphere without competition between riders. The wind rises in the evening before the storm. Finally, a kitefoil event not to miss next year beginning July 2015.

  • Alpinefoil at Rhodos Prasonisi (Greece) 2014 Kitefoil Surfboard

    Back Daniel MEIER (Kitefoileur Switzerland):

    Holidays in Greece kite with Alpinefoil system.

    Alpinefoil bags and small weight of all Alpinefoil is perfect for a holiday by plane.

    At Rhodes, Greece we had conditions with waves, flat water, chop and swell party. The wind was weak to strong 25-30 to 8-10 knots. Most Kn 20.

    I used surfboard with wing catalyst ozone 8 m² and 10 m² in conditions of great waves. I had a lot of fun! Everything is possible and very easy to navigate. A surfboard magnificent in which you can expect pure pleasure!

    It has been demonstrated that Alpinefoil can be used anywhere without any problems. I had a lot of fun in all conditions and I learned a lot.

    I thank the team for Alpinefoil the very good work and development.

    These are my best holiday kite !

    The video of his stay :

  • Surfkite board Wave CX-V6 / Return Christophe MARIN

    Here is a small return for a customer on board Wave CX-V6 mode Surfkite!

    Navigation foil that day at the lake and passing mode surfkite Wave board with CX-mounted V6 ... with FCS fins. Large banana, super session of 2 h, 10 m2, this board is really nice to surf, allows tight jibes and short, ultre-tolerant change of foot (as in foil fashion way), large cap backwards foot level rear fins, good glide, in short I LOVED! The volume does help pass soft lake Monteynard, I wanted to test before joining Marc in Quiberon next week for Houat Wing's, Perfect I would not take the foil and the AF board! No additional surfing.

  • Kitefoil Lac du Monteynard - 29/06/14

    Sunday, June 29, 2014: Benoit BILLET to ride alone kitefoil Lake Monteynard /  for the descent into the gorge Drac

    There were not many people in the water. Short session of 16 to 18h with a good heat on the south of the lake, the first descent into the gorge Drac with bridge prominent well struggled to stand the wind is disrupted low down ..

    A very nice track of Benoit! Congratulations :)

  • Alpinefoil in Bretagne / The Penthièvre 24-06-14

    Thank you Marc BENOIT for this adventure in Bretagne in a really suitable for the practice of Kitefoil wind

    Tuesday, June 24: Beautiful session thermal pure who won the NE in the morning. Always beautiful weather, warm (27 ° prompting thermal) nav shorty story to enjoy the T ° air and water, four wings in the air ...

    Reached Penthièvre (Penteür in Breton traditional country of Bretagne) to 16.30 I feels a moment to the wing ... 21? 14? From time to time the pass 14 but I want to ensure also in 21 ... Time to mount the foil can believe it took one or two nodes, time to get the 14 it may be that the 10 happen ...

    So I go on 10m2 hoping that it will take a few watts ... I'm edges but rather soft, after 20 minutes I just take the 14.

    And here we go for a top session 2:30, 60km draw Portivy Bay on a calm sea, with occasional cuckoo Ulm just a show "skytesurf" his passenger, military kayaking and mesh joining the fort, other donf three khaki Zodiac ...

    10379911 824955127515321 4135499404537875772 o

    As it starts to pull well I am increasingly offshore, bringing me Téviec then going to the point where it was released spiders paddle Sunday. I even go a little more to see the different points of the Wild Coast. I am an express return six minutes to reach my starting point when I'm playing in small waves raised by the wind. The sea is green, the sky is blue, I want to take some pictures of the foil in nav.

    10380206 824955437515290 3780837444472343144 o

    Here, in a super surprise wind session not announced, I went to the base and market it. In fact, the other three wings in the air have not sailed for more than ten meters from the coast, less than 100m long!

    1529789 824955464181954 4513099335615277104 o