Alpinefoil Factory - Kitefoil & Windfoil carbon - Made in France

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The Alpinefoil factory, the French know-how in the manufacturing of kitefoil Carbon aluminum and Titanium, for a unique quality choose the made in France.

Creativity, Innovation and Know-How: This is the DNA of our company, which has been based in the heart of the Alps for a decade and has quickly become one of the major players in the production of Hydrofoil and kitefoil.
From the very beginning of our history, the secret of our success has been a combination of advanced technology and human competence: a union that is inseparable from each step of our manufacturing process and which makes it its strength.
The expertise of our design office in materials and mechanics allows us to work Aluminum Carbon and Titanium to make the best.
From KiteFoil to WindFoil our strategy is always the same: the constant search for quality, reliability, accessibility, design and performance to serve our amateur and competitor customers.

From the beginning, a course of action has been designed, designed and manufactured as qualitatively as possible without ever compromising on materials and processes for economic reasons.

This bet is nowadays succeeded by the reliability and the performance of these recognized products all over the world.
All the teams of ApineFoil: Engineering, Production and Customer Service are Made In France (based in France) - A major asset, a guarantee of seriousness, quality and proximity to meet your ever-growing demands years.
Together, Share Our Passion.
Damien Chaboud - Founder of AlpineFoil

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