• International Kitefoil Speed ​​- Port St Louis July 12 to 14, 2014

    The first edition of the International Kitefoil Speed ​​was held in Port St Louis 12, 13 and 14 July 2014

    Team Alpinefoil was represented by two riders: Nicolas and Jean francois Wojnacki Blachon

    Two excellent performances during the "International Kitefoil Speed ​​Challenge." Both riders were equipped with the new wing HELD race that combines performance and affordability. They took the 3 and 5 seats in Master class. Congratulations beautiful runs for our riders.

    Alpinefoil keeps the spirit of accessibility for all with high quality finishing:

    High Accessibility (XLP)

    Extreme capacity of the wing, incomparable low wind (2.5> 5.5 knots)

    Very high speed performance as well as accessibility to the wing HELD (High Efficiency Low Drag)

    Congratulations to the members of TEAM, to see on the page Rider Team France:

  • Alpinefoil ULTRA LIGHT WINDS 2.5 knots - 5,5 knots

    Alpinefoil, navigate in the utra light wind is now possible with the kitefoil Alpinefoil equipped with its wing set XLP (Xtra Large Program) and boards Alpinefoil specifically designed to start in very light winds.

    The design of the wing XLP has high performance. More then comfort in navigation and high speed close to 30 knots the Kitefoil Alpinefoil with WLP wing set allows down to ranges of extremely low wind for a kitefoil

    We wanted to show you in this video. the sail kitesurfing is a kite f-one Bandit 5 of 14 m2 line standard 23 meters. no extension was necessary to achieve this performance in extreme light wind. the kite must remain in constant motion to never stop.

  • KiteFoil Race International (IKT)

    From 28 May to 1 June 2014, the Alpinefoil team made ​​the trip to kitefoil event of the year : the IKT International Kitefoil Tour of La Ciotat in the south of France

    A purely kitefoil international race with many riders from around the world. 4 days of madness, with 14 races sailed wide range of conditions . Moderate and strong winds, with waves then light wind : The chosen field of riders Alpinefoil .

    An incredible atmosphere and perfect organizing done by team  “Mer & vent” . The entire Team AlpineFoil whose main purpose is to live and share a good moment of conviviality feasted during different rounds , but also during evenings and appetizers with friends. Each gave the best of himself as for the atmosphere as for the race. Certain discovered for the first time the Race in kitefoil and chose to run with the standard config XLP else took the race option which allowed to take 2 nd place on the podium of the Master class and 11th place overall.

    When the handle # 10 Damien Chaboud designer and rider Alpinefoil has finished 4th place behind Maxime Naucher , Oliver Bridge, and Axel Mazella . A good performance , because the time spent on the business Alpinefoil does not allow him to train regularly. Downhill rider trying for the first time its new wings and kite Ozone edge Chrono on the day of competition.


    Congratulations to the entire team Alpinefoil

    Photos Album of the IKT 

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 341

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 0637

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 0532

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 0489

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 0555

    Kitefoil alpinefoil 0350

    Photos Album of the IKT 

  • Vidéo KItefoil Race Wing H.E.L.D High Efficiency Low Drag

    AlpineFoil French manufacturer kitefoil, just finished testing its new wing design for racing Kitefoil Alpinefoil 4.5

    This new high performance wing with its unique design is called

    Race Wing H.E.L.D High Efficiency Low Drag

    It will allow you to change your current foil to high performance while maintaining the same ease of control.

    The specifications for this competition wing is as follows

    Get the best speed / ratio heading, the best rise to the wind as possible

    The highest speed possible with ease and excellent stability.

    Many wings Race does not have a good upwind, or fail to maintain high speeds for a long time which is essential in Race.

    KITEFOIL Race Wing H.E.L.D by AlpineFoil from damchab on Vimeo.