Alpinefoil ULTRA LIGHT WINDS 2.5 knots - 5,5 knots

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  • On 10/07/2014
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Alpinefoil, navigate in the utra light wind is now possible with the kitefoil Alpinefoil equipped with its wing set XLP (Xtra Large Program) and boards Alpinefoil specifically designed to start in very light winds.

The design of the wing XLP has high performance. More then comfort in navigation and high speed close to 30 knots the Kitefoil Alpinefoil with WLP wing set allows down to ranges of extremely low wind for a kitefoil

We wanted to show you in this video. the sail kitesurfing is a kite f-one Bandit 5 of 14 m2 line standard 23 meters. no extension was necessary to achieve this performance in extreme light wind. the kite must remain in constant motion to never stop.

kitefoil hydrofoil foil board

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