France Championship Speed ​​Crossing - ALMANARRE October 2014

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  • On 13/10/2014
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The third stage of the championship of France Speed ​​Crossing took place in the ALMANARRE weekend of October 10 to 12. Team Alpinefoil present on the event produced a superb performance to finish on top of the table, note the 3rd place in the standings Damien CHABOUD before Veterans Hervé Rousseau who was at the top spot Veterans in step Speed ​​Crossing in Archachon (Damien was equipped with wing race HELD and Winglets).

Weather conditions helped to navigate and validate tog sleeves. A big thank you to all the organizers for this event successful frankly. Photos by Sport 421

Damien CHABOUD makes this year the following instead:

Championship Speed ​​crossing France Arcachon: 3rd Place Master Class

Kitefoil Race International in La Ciotat: 3rd Place Master Class

Championship Speed ​​crossing France Arcachon: 3rd Place Master Class

Congratulations to Nicolas Wojnacki who finished 6th in the standings and Jeff Blachon Master Class who finished 8th !!


During the day Saturday, Damien CHABOUD ends 3nd overall in the second round of the funny race !!


Well done !!

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