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Back Raphael test on the Hawk 1800 wing in Wingfoil in the different wind ranges
Find all the details of the Hawk 1800 on its dedicated page https://www.alpinefoil.com/en/kitefoil-hydrofoil-foilboard-pages/kitefoil/wingfoil-alpinefoil-hawk.html

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1 - Raphael test with the Hawk 1800 - Light 12 knots at the start of the session, 15/16 gusts at the end
Rider 68kg
Gear wing Ozone wasp 5 m² and board Gokgng lemon 4'8 "(70 liters)

Usually I use an albatross 210 signature (1350 cm²) but which does not allow me to ride under these conditions, at 12 knots I do not take off in 5 m² and my little board.
With the hawk 1800 and an energetic pumping, no worries to take off in this wind range, once perched the flight is maintained very well, even in the soft. The hawk offers very good support on the front leg and allows you to fly at a ridiculous speed, great for changing feet. If necessary the recovery is easy, the pumping is very effective.
Compared to the albatross, it is less nervous, less fiery, but very soft and easier. The gliding sensation remains excellent, and once again like all Alpine wings that I know, in total silence.
At the end in the gusts, it takes off on its own and good surprise, it holds up very well despite the significantly larger surface (1800 cm² vs 1350 cm²), no overpower, the front leg support remains balanced with the rear.
So very positive assessment, this config widened my range of use, light winds are accessible with only a 5 m² for light.
Thank AlpineFoil

2 - Raphael test with the Hawk 1800 - In high range this time, very irregular wind but well supported at times (25 knots ++), in ozone wasp 4 m.

I confirm what I read, the hawk holds surprisingly well, it remains very soft and easily controllable even in good slaps. A smaller wing would obviously be more suitable beyond 20 knots for more performance and liveliness, but this 1800 offers a very good comfort to take it safely in the strong wind. Less character than the albatross 210 but at 25 knots it's hot with the latter!

Raphael Test Hawk 1800


Raphael Test Hawk 1800


Raphael test Hawk 1800


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