Test of Windfoil Alpinefoil at Monteynard Lake

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A few additional images during the Alpinefoil windfoil tests in the Aluminum and Carbon version and the Alpinefoil Windfoil ULW900 wing

Windfoil alpinefoil 0017

The Windfoil Alpinefoil Aluminum is based on the scalable Access platform. This modular platform now widely proven and validated for 3 years is based on an aluminum fuselage of very high technicality.

This fuselage is cut in an aluminum block in CNC (high precision numerical control) for 8 hours before receiving a T6 heat treatment to increase the mechanical rigidity of the Aviation Aluminum that constitutes it.

The embedding of the mat system in the fuselage provides rigidity and excellent reliability of the mat link fuselage. This system makes it possible to upgrade the aluminum base Access to the carbon version simply by acquiring this mat (Evo Pack 1) KFBox or DeepTuttle

The evolutionary platform Alpinefoil: allows to evolve towards the SUP foil and the Kitefoil offering you an exceptional versatility

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Windfoil alpinefoil 0016

Windfoil alpinefoil 3

Windfoil alpinefoil 0008

Windfoil alpinefoil 0010

Windfoil alpinefoil 0011

Windfoil alpinefoil 0008

Windfoil alpinefoil 0005

Windfoil alpinefoil 0006

Windfoil alpinefoil 5

Windfoil alpinefoil 4

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