The Ultralight at AlpineFoil 2020

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Release for 2020 of the Ultralight project with the AlpineFoil Air generation, a small revolution at AlpineFoil with freeride, wave, freestyle and jump foils.
Today the foil is everywhere and interests all supports, Kite foil, Wind foil, Surf oil, Sup foil, Wing foil.


This transition has accelerated development at AlpineFoil, which has fully adapted its technology to stick more closely to this new market dynamic which offers great development opportunities in Kite foil, Wind foil, Surf oil, Sup foil, Wing foil.
Our Ultralight project started in this context with the development of a whole new technology, the AlpineFoil AIR technology which will allow AlpineFoil to offer you both ultra light foils and extremely rigid and solid foils totally adapted for new practices. emerging from Wing foil, Surf foil and Sup foil and satisfy freeride, wave and Big Air enthusiasts.

This technology is based on the production of a composite with an ultralight hollow cell core and 1 carbon composite with a new sampling of fibers and orientation to create an ultra light sandwich.
This new technology will apply to the entire Rave2020 range with the Rave Air 80, the Rave Air 100 in Standard and Titanium versions and in the Wind foil range with super light.
Lowering the weight of the Foil makes it possible to reduce the inertia, to increase the maneuverability while giving more comfort to the carrying. The Air version of the Rave saves, among other things, 600 gr on the mast while maintaining the high level of rigidity and performance that you will find throughout the entire range

Thanks to AlpineFoil Air technology, we are pleased to present the AlpineFoil Rave 80 with this 2.100Kg which is among the lightest foils on the market.

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