Windfoil competition report - Serre Ponçon

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Damien participated in his first WindFoil competition on August 23, 2020 at Lac de Serre-Ponçon.




Sunday 23 August, Damien, 49, took part in his first Windfoil regatta!

On board his A1 race and his Regatta 850 wing, he was able to calmly tackle this first competition surrounded by all these young people! :D

He even managed to take 3rd place in the over 20s category! :P This is to tell you how old people can still be up to with the right equipment! :D



We let you appreciate the ease in this short video clip! 

Competition: 3rd edition of the Windfoil Serre-Ponçon, qualifier for the French Championships 

 Rider: Damien Chaboud


 Race A1

 Wing 850 regatta


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