Alpinefoil in Corsica with Vincent DAUBAGNA

Vincent DAUBAGNA, dated last rider to be part of Team Alpinefoil, we are back on this Alpinefoil 4.5 full carbon with surfing CXV6 Wave convertible surfkite.
Two sessions on the beautiful island :
The first to Propriano in September 2014, in relatively calm seas, 10 kts Bandit 9m. Speed ​​23 kts, but especially fluid sequence of jibes and transfers thanks to the high lift wing XLP (Xtra Large Program). A very smooth sailing the turquoise waters of the beautiful island.


The second session in the Bay of Figari, gusty wind 20-25 kts, choppy water, Bandit 7m. The Alpinefoil remains controllable and stable despite gusts.
Its strong points are: the speed range, the wing bearing in slow transitions while remaining controllable at high speed, allowing firm backing and upwind impressive. It allows you to browse according to their desires, spend a few seconds with a mild jibe to be taken quickly and nervous speed (up to 3 times the wind ...). Changes of pace and direction are limitless. A real fighter ...


kitefoil hydrofoil foil board client

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