The discovery alpinefoil by Nicolas Jacquemond

Story Jacquemond Nicolas during his first steps Alpinefoil :

After a first session at Fos in 25kt towards Giens for a few days of sweetness to finally test this hydrofoil whose finish did just want to go ride!

Day 1: 6-7 kt Badine ... light for a second session, but want too ... Foil quickly mounted, I go lotus 15m and Go! The board is nickel waterstart a front strap and stable in water before mounting. Weight on the front not to take off too early and do some edges without mounting as advised by Damien Chaboud designer of the Alpinefoil and FIRE!

Day 2: The Wind made the yoyo between 9 and 13 kt, I retain the lesson and takes the Speed IV 10m.
Ah! Finally perched up there, I can test the different gaits and cap ... happiness! Certainly it is sensitive, pressure too much, an overreaction: BIM is the slap; but with a wing that flies with little air stable ... and especially not too powerful, I discovered other navigation possibilities in this Alpinefoil.

Day 3: The day!
Almanarre wind off, glassy. Morning session, I find on my feet (the brain to refine connections during the night) and manages to make the edges more than 1km with changes of course, of shapes ...

Day 4: More wind and waves to Badine, test Convertible V6 CX-board: Good session with during cornering test and lifts the wind a little time to adapt to carve tight (less weight on the up because the board is short). Good upwind despite the small fins.

Day 5: Early November to Franqui!
Hop, Foil before it goes too. In 6m will be enough. Good good sport Foil because again underwater waves wave takes the wing of the foil ... you have to go away. But the swell rises and the wind comes in spurts. And that despite the fairly good feeling being perched, I realize that the size of the waves in the sea is too high to be tranquillou.
Obliged to go up or down depending on the foil hollows and bumps hills ... otherwise it is the exit fins or crash while ... After 1H ride perched with beautiful box, I abdicate to the size of the swell and above attraction to beautiful breaking. Surfing: I'm starting to get used to that pretty little board though handy.

Conclusion : Besides aches and bruised ribs, a good feeling about this little gem. It will take time to master the beast but from the first moment we are addicted to the smooth navigation becomes very drastic if you want to send the watts. We'll have to do even to refine it all and spend a jibe perched!
Surfing, snowboarding requires a little getting used to for those who ride with a radical surfing. This is a no brainer surfing, pretty fast and fun.

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