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- Can you introduce yourself in a few words (age, city, studies, job ...)

My name is Audrey FACCHINETTI, I am 45 YEARS OLD and live in Grenoble where I am a teacher in a vocational high school. I have been foiling since 2015. Seeing my friends at Lac du Monteynard made me want to get started.

-What is your level today ?

How many hours do you spend there etc? Which practice do you prefer? (freeride, wind, kite, wing ...) Today I foil a lot less than I could do before because I got into paragliding. But, what I prefer in the foil is to go in the waves and the big conditions at sea. I also like very much being able to discover new spots in France or abroad to practice: Guadeloupe, Egypt, Corsica, Sardinia . I generally take great pleasure in foiling. The good thing about the foil is that even in light winds we manage to have fun (even if honestly in weak winds I prefer to go running aha)

- Do you participate in competitions?

When I started foiling, I got into it, 2 years later I was vice champion of France (2017). Today I only foil to please myself because competing has never been my thing. As I am starting paragliding this year, it takes a lot of my time and energy.

-What material do you use and why do you like it?

Alpinfoil ultimate mat of 1 meter

-Do you practice other sports activities?

I’m a bit of a jack of all trades, I like outdoor sports a lot. Besides, I also practice paragliding, Trail, snowkiting, and a bit of mountain biking.

-Can you tell us about the female practice in the foil industry?

I notice that there are more and more girls since this summer and that's really great! The atmosphere is very nice with the boys always ready to help the girls.

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