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Kitefoil Alpinefoil - ACCESS V3 - 2018

Access V3 : accessibility, scalability, performance, reliability, lightness, rigidity.

The flagship product of the AlpineFoil firm has once again been transformed into a 2018 vintage which, after 3 years of elaboration, is becoming more and more successful. New design, new possibilities and new sensations, all on the solid bases of Access and Access V2 whose success is all over the world recognized.

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New in 2018

* New Fuselage

  • Rounded rostrum
  • Refined drift
  • Modified wedging

* New KF-Box V3 case

  • Double fixing screws
  • Aluminum 6061 T6 housing machined as standard
  • Profile Type B

* New mast

  • New housing installation profile (Type B)
  • Security leash (optional)


Plus perfo eng
Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7352

Access V3, for whom ?

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7750

The beginners :

Highly accessible in its standard configuration or with a short mast, AlpineFoil Access is the choice of schools and novices. Its incomparable stability, its ultra-progressive take-off still under control, its sweet behavior and its low-range start make it an easy, pleasant and reassuring foil. Its GIS by AlpineFoil wedge system, will adjust its behavior to improve the back leg support and reduce stance (leg spacing) to facilitate control on the climb.

The confirmed ones:

The confirmed rider will enjoy sailing with a foil running on a very wide speed range, with extremely healthy behavior and will be able, if he wants, to evolve his mount towards different practices : wave, freestyle, freeride, race, speed crossing, windfoil , paddle ... thanks to the extensive range of AlpineFoil RTeam carbon fiber wings. Holds GIS by AlpineFoil will trim the foil so as to have symmetrical supports, stance medium, to improve comfort and handiness and facilitate the Airjibes.

The competitors:

The competitor will be able to benefit from a super-vitaminized foil at a lower cost thanks to the race wings of the RTeam range (Racefoil L, SC-Race M, SC-Race S), the same ones which propelled the not professional Riders of the Team AlpineFoil on the podiums of the French Cup Engie Kite Tour (Champions of France 2016 and winners of the 2017 French Cup). And for the most demanding competitors, Access is upgradable thanks to EvoPacks with the Access Carbon RTeam mast available in two finishes : classic and high-module. The GIS wedging by Alpinefoil will be adjusted to obtain a light front leg support, with a wide stance to gain stability at high speed.

All AlpineFoil DNA concentrated in Access V3

Ten years of experience in manufacturing kitefoils and the two previous versions of Access, which have been flying hundreds in recent years all around the globe, have given us the necessary perspective to design and then commercialize the 2018 Access V3 : the most evolutionary, the most reliable and the most efficient kitefoil ever made.

A neat design, an identifiable look at first glance, a high quality of workmanship and a whole series of innovations, such were our specifications for this brand new Access V3.

AlpineFoil has always favored quality materials and manufacturing methods that maximize product performance while maintaining exceptional value for money. The Access, although part of the entry-level AlpineFoil, is no exception to this rule.


What are these materials ?

All aluminum components of the Access V3 are cut from a block of aviation quality aluminum 6061 T6, machined in a 5-axis CNC machining center, then anodized OAD 70 microns, condition to evolve in seawater. This type of aluminum is recognized for its very high strength / weight ratio and for its low tendency to oxidize.

Its wings, from the standard configuration, are in carbon fiber and without any trace of G10 or fiberglass : it seems essential to us in view of the mechanical stresses that must undergo a foil.

Kitefoil carbon aluminium alpinefoil 5 0 access v2 2252 2
Kitefoil alpinefoil carbon wing rteam 5
Kitefoil alpinefoil carbon bag boardbag footstrap accessories 2897

The screws are made of A4 stainless steel, a grade necessary for use in seawater, as it is much more durable than A2 grade steel. Torx TX30 screws  manufactured specifically for AlpineFoil in Germany is generalized to all parts of the foil for fast and secure assembly with a single mounting key.

Our workshop, located at the foot of the Alps, will be able to perform maintenance and repairs on your equipment according to the rule book.


Access V3, what possibilities ?

The different masthead housings :

From the Access V1, AlpineFoil opted for versatility by inventing its device of interchangeable housings. In 2018, this system is pushed to its maximum and makes the Access V3 compatible with most boards on the market. Its 6 different aluminum boxes are machined in the mass and can be assembled in a few seconds on the mast of the Access thanks to the mounting key TX30 AlpineFoil.

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7477

- The KF-Box (or F-Box) : The best box on the market, specifically designed for the foil and improved thanks to its two attachment points. This is the box chosen by AlpineFoil for more than ten years for its products. Its four sides form a pyramid, which allows an automatic catch-up of the game and thus a perfect embedding of the box in the board. The forces are uniformly distributed across the five faces of the housing, the Foil-Board connection is locked on all the axes, which gives the assembly an absolute rigidity in all cases.

Innovations 2018 :

   + The new KF-Box V3 equipping Access V3 in the standard configuration is manufactured in the mass in a 5-axis CNC machining center from a 6061 T6 aviation aluminum block, then an OAD 70 micron anodized (standard allowing use in seawater).

   + Its two already proven attachment points on the AlpineFoil Titanium and Ultimate are now part of the standard Access configuration, making mounting more rigid, more reliable, and eliminating the risk of foil loss. Note: Upon request, we provide a drill guide to adapt the old boards models to the Access V3.

   + Its new design allows to combine a large depth of installation of the mast - and therefore increased rigidity - with a laminar flow of water at the foil-board junction.


- The Deep KF-box : Aluminum 6061 T6 cut in the mass, machined CNC 5 axis, anodized OAD 70 microns. For the practice of windfoil and kitefoil. Compatible Paddle (SUP) F-One.

- The Tuttle : Aluminum 6061 T6 cut in the mass, machined CNC 5 axis anodized OAD 70 microns. For the practice of windfoil and kitefoil, compatible with the plate of resumption of efforts. Compatible Windsurf.

- The Deep Tuttle : Aluminum 6061 T6 cut in the mass, CNC machined 5 axis, anodized OAD 70 microns. For the practice of the windfoil, compatible with the plate of resumption of efforts. Compatible Windsurf.

Kitefoil box kfbox tuttle probox plate aluminium access 5 0 3853 3

- The Probox : Aluminum 6061 T6 CNC machined 5 axis, anodized OAD 70 microns. For the practice of kitefoil. Compatible Sroka board, Taaroa sword 2.

- The plate of resumption of efforts : Aluminum 6061 T6 cut in the mass, CNC machined 5 axis, anodized OAD 70 microns. Compatible with the Tuttle and Deeptuttle housings, it distributes part of the effort on the hull of the board for a better cohesion of the foil / board assembly and a reduction of efforts on the original box of the board. Its Alpinefoil exclusive height adjustment system allows the plate to fit the hull and thus to obtain a custom-made adjustment for an optimal distribution of the stresses between the hull, the plate and the box of the board.

- Platinum 165-140x90 : Aluminum 6061 T6 CNC machined 5 axis, anodized OAD 70 microns. For the practice of kitefoil. Compatible with Slingshot, Liquidforce, Sword 1, Carafino, and the majority of boards on the market with or without rails, thanks to its 165x90 distances, universal standard multibrand platinum systems.


The masts

Innovation : The mast head has been reworked to reinforce the mast at the base of the box, a strategic point of application. The use of a Type B housing, as well as the removal of side milling from the Access V3 mast greatly improves the rigidity and strength of this one.

The various interchangeable masts :

- The 95cm aluminum mast: The standard configuration of the Access. The long mast is unavoidable. It brings a lot of driving comfort and range of maneuver, so more progressivity in take-off and navigation. Its large size makes it less subject to cavitations and therefore untimely dropouts. It is very stable and allows navigating in waves.

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7835

- The 80cm aluminum mast: Being shorter, it gives the Access more responsiveness and maneuverability, and its weaker lever arm forgives certain piloting errors. It is ideal for freeride and tight maneuvers in the waves.

- The 60cm aluminum mast: Ideal for learning and navigation in shallow waters. Its small size limits the lever arm between the board and the foil and therefore allows a better take-off control during learning the foil. Furthermore, in case of loss, the low navigation height allows the board to fall flat and therefore the rider to maintain control, unlike the long mast with which the fall is inevitable. The short mast is very popular with beginners because it allows less demanding learning sessions and almost immediate enjoyment. This is the assurance of gaining maximum time during learning.

- The 40cm mast: It answers a request on foils with ultra-short mast for the first sensations. Manufactured on request in our workshop then anodized cold.

- The custom-made mast: For the most fastidious riders. Size from 20cm to 94cm. Manufacured on request in our workshop then anodized cold.

- The Access Carbon RTeam mast: RTeam product manufactured in our workshop at the foot of the Alps. This matt varnish finish 95cm mast provides a significant performance gain. This mast is lighter and stiffer than an aluminum mast. Its new progressive profile tested in digital wind tunnel greatly improves the flow.

- The Access Carbon RTeam mast Advanced option: AlpineFoil makes the Access a pure competition product by adding to the Access Carbon RTeam mast the high modulus carbon fiber for the respondent as well as a glossy  varnish finish by hand for an absolute glide.

- Pair of full carbon stiffeners with galvanic glass fiber insulation: Carbon fiber reinforcing bars to slide in the profile of aluminum masts, available in 37 cm, 95 cm or custom-made. Originally designed for the practice of Windfoil, they can improve the stiffness of the aluminum mast and thus gain control in high speed or in heavy constraints. They are molded in a layer of fiberglass to electrically isolate the carbon from the aluminum and thus avoid any corrosion.

- Internal safety Leash: Optional leash in dynema to slide in the profile of the aluminum mast for better support of the foil in case of impact on the ground. Compatible with full carbon stiffeners.

Note : All housings and accessories are compatible with aluminum masts regardless of their size.

The fuselage, the centerpiece of the foil

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7519

The new rounded fuselage is machined entirely in CNC 5 axis from a block of raw aluminum, then anodized OAD 70 microns. The choice of the machining rather than another process guarantees a total integrity of the material, without deformation, porosity, impurity or microcracking. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods such as turning, foundry, or stamping, 5-axis machining allows complex shapes to be worked on, and thus to answer point by point our specifications in terms of flow of the flow, shape, strength, fit of wings on the fuselage, rigidity, and optimization of weight and material. The result is the lightest foil aluminum on the market and capable of formidable performance. Like all AlpineFoil, the fuselage / mast assembly is deep recessed. The mechanical stresses are thus distributed over the entire housing, providing maximum rigidity. 

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 7353

The 2018 novelties :

The rostrum (nose) is more rounded for more security, but always present because it is necessary to guide the flow. Thanks to it, the flow is precise and laminar which allows to exploit at the most the potential of the front wing and thus to gain in lift and steering precision.

The drift has been refined for better flow and optimum trajectory control. Placed on the top of the fuselage since the AlpineFoil 5.0 range, it is protected when touching with the bottom.

The wedging has been reworked and further optimized, for better accessibility and increased performance.

A clearance was machined in the bottom of the housing to allow the passage of a safety leash in the mast.

We have kept :

The long fuselage: Despite standards based on rather short fuselages, AlpineFoil has always chosen a long fuselage and this for obvious mechanical reasons: thanks to this long lever arm, the effectiveness of the stabilizer is increased tenfold, the pilot is therefore less required to correct the attitude of the foil. Thanks to this remarkable gain in stability, pleasure is immediate and the foil's capabilities are fully exploitable. Furthermore, the fact that the stabilizer is far back protects it from the turbulence produced by the front wing and therefore take full advantage of its performance, especially during competitions.

AlpineFoil's Reflex Stability System (RSS): This technology has greatly contributed to Alpinefoil's success for more than 10 years. It automatically compensates the wing breaker torque according to thespeed. The foil is incredibly stable and its behavior remains chomogeneous across all speed ranges.

The AlpineFoil wing fixing system: The 4 threads are staggered to distribute the front wing supports on the fuselage as much as possible, ensuring the rigidity and cohesion of the set. The attachment of the wing is frank and solid, the foil responds faithfully to the solicitations of the pilot. This standard system found on all AlpineFoil for several years allows full compatibility with all our existing and future wings (Wave, Windfoil, Sport, Race L, Sc-Race M, Sc-Race S, GT, XLP ....).



AlpineFoil offers a range of wings, each of them excelling in the practices for which they are intended. They are all compatible with the Access V3, and will radically change the behavior / character / performance of the foil.

All Alpinefoil wings are made of carbon fiber. The use of carbon seems essential to us because it is today the only material able to combine lightness and rigidity. However, a wing must be rigid in order to respond effectively to the pilot's orders, to improve the control of the foil and thus provide a pleasure of gliding specific to AlpineFoil products.

All our wings are designed so as to make the most of the foil according to the practice aimed by the pilot. To do this, we act on different parameters :

The curvature (dihedron) of all our wings is studied and developed in digital wind tunnel. This is one of the most important parameters in the design of a hydrofoil wing. The principle is simple: a curved wing will have its lift vectors that will cross at one point, which will lock the stability of the foil while on a flat wing, none of the vectors cross each other. It strongly influences the lift and stability of the wing. A curved wing makes it possible to reduce the parasitic roll, to stabilize the trajectory and thus to increase the precision of the piloting. The curvature also makes it possible to maintain the lift in the holdings and thus to reduce the piercing torque of the foil. The steering becomes much easier and more comfortable.


Alpinefoilcrossvector 801

 The arrow: Our wings are drawn with a very present arrow angle, more or less pronounced depending on the program. This angle is extremely important for stability. These complex shapes involve a 30% increase of carbon fiber in the manufacture of our wings compared to a straight wing.

AlpineFoil Variable Angle Foil System (VAS) : All AlpineFoil wings have been designed to have a different bearing profile incidence between the center and the end of the wing. This particular feature of AlpineFoil wings provides high wing lift at low speed (thus high incidence) resulting in better control and stability beyond standard. With the increase of the speed (thus the decrease of the incidence), this effect gradually fades to decrease the wing load and to refocus the lift, which makes it possible to reach higher speeds while remaining extremely stable. This results in a greater speed range, and a very gradual stall.


The XLP 2 wing (pre-impregnated carbon fiber, manufacturing by molding). This is the unavoidable AlpineFoil wing, it equips Access V3 in its standard configuration. Its surface of 682 cm², its very particular work on twisting (VAS system) and its gradual curvature allow a fully controlled takeoff from 4 knots of wind without being overcast. This kite allows the beginner to take off, learn to sail and progress with serenity while the rider initiated will enjoy freeride and reach speeds of about 28 knots.

Level : Beginner, Intermediate to Expert
Program : Freeride, Ultra Light Wind high performance, learning
Surface area : 682 cm²
Wingspan : 67 cm

Xlp2 2

XLP stabilizer (pre-impregnated carbon fiber, manufacturing by molding). In its original configuration, the Access V3 is equipped with this extremely powerful stabilizer proven for years on AlpineFoil products. Its arrow, its curvature, as well as the VAS system allow to concentrate a maximum of efficiency on a very small surface. Thanks to this very high efficiency, the drag is reduced and foil control is largely optimized.

Stab xlp 2
Img 1624

The optional RTeam wings :

The GT wing (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 bars) :

Level : Intermediate to Expert
Program : SpeedFreeride, Carving, Jump, Freestyle, Speed Cruising
Surface area : 473 cm²
Wingspan : 55 cm

Gt 2

The Sport wing (product manufactured by the RTeam Alpinefoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 bars) :

Level : Intermediate to Competitor
Program : Freeride, Speed Cruising, Carving, Race Light Wind, Race
Surface area : 466 cm²
Wingspan : 62 cm

Sport 2

The Wave wing (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 Bars) :

Level : Beginner to Competitor
Program : Freeride, Carving, Light Wind, Wave
Surface area : 700 cm²
Wingspan : 55 cm    

Wave 2

The Race L wing (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 Bars) :

Level : Rider confirmed to competitor
Program : Pure Race
Surface area : 404 cm²
Wingspan : 62 cm

Race foil l 2

The SC-Race M wing (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufactured in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 Bars) :

Level : Rider confirmed to competitor
Program : Speed-Crossing, Pure Race
Surface area : 377 cm²
Wingspan : 55 cm

Sc race m 2

The SC-Race S wing (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 Bars) :

Level : Rider confirmed to competitor
Program : Speed-Crossing, Pure Race
Surface area : 346 cm²
Wingspan : 48 cm

Sc race s 2

The ULW wing (product manufactured by the RTeam Alpinefoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufactured in a high-temperature hydraulic press, 200 bars) :

Level : All levels
Program : Ultra Light Wind, Windfoil , Kitefoil, Towin Surf
Surface area : 943 cm²
Wingspan : 83 cm

Ulw 2

Stabilizer (product manufactured by the RTeam AlpineFoil division, pre-impregnated carbon fiber, CNC-cut, manufacture in high temperature hydraulic press, 200 Bars) :

Combining the original stabilizer technologies, but with a different profile and a finer finish, this stabilizer will greatly improve the performance of your foil in terms of speed and control.


Stab rteam 2

AlpineFoil ACCESS V3 2018 kitefoil mounting VIDEO

Assemblage Kitefoil AlpineFoil ACCESS V3

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