Carbon Kitefoil Alpinefoil 5.0

Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon Kitefoil 

New for 2017, the Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon is the worthy successor to the 4.0 and 4.5 foils that made Alpinefoil a reference point for the entire world of kite foiling. Based on the design foundation of our previous versions, the design and construction of the foil has been entirely reworked, applying technologies developed in house by Alpinefoil over the last decade. The 5.0 Full Carbon is exceptionally stable and with an incredible wide range of performance – accessible for the novice foiler just learning to take off and also ready to win races and blaze along at 35 knots with complete control. 

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Completely redesigned fuselage 

The tail section of the fuselage has been refined to reduce drag and achieve even better performance. 

The tiny but incredibly effective vertical stabilizer ensures the linear stability of the foil. The vertical stabilizer is now positioned above the fuselage to avoid any risk of damage when resting the foil on the ground.

The section of the fuselage between the front wing and the mast has been reinforced for increased rigidity and even more efficient control.

The geometry between the wings, mast, and the fuselage has been redesigned to provide more progressive and faster cornering. 

The entirely new MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) technology allows us to obtain an exceptionally high rigidity in all of our carbon components. With MCF we mate the two halves of the components with filament winding, thus eliminating the weakness and extra weight of the traditional glue joint. The result is a single finished part without any weak point, and with an elongation factor of only 1.6 to 1.9% compared to about 40% elongation for a glued carbon joint.

Like all of our foils, the 5.0 Full Carbon is equipped with the RSS (Reflex Stability System), which compensates automatically for the "hunting" torque of the wing. Even more than previous Alpinefoil designs, the 5.0 foil is stable and progressive, no matter how fast you are flying! 

Four self-lubricated brass inserts are staggered to distribute to provide the best connection of the wing to the fuselage, ensuring the rigidity and cohesion of the components as a system. This system now standard on all Alpinefoils and allows full compatibility with all our existing and future wings (Wave, Sport, GT, XLP, Race, etc...).

The fuselage of the Alpinefoil 5.0 is fixed to the mast by a self-adjusting conical adjusted embedding screw which distributes the forces over the entire surface of the housing, guaranteeing maximum rigidity and the most responsive riding feel. The mast-fuselage connection is locked down by two stainless A4 screws whose heads are embedded in the fuselage for maximum glide.

The mast of the Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon has been significantly changed compared to the 4.5: 

The chord of the mast has been and the profile refined further, with a progressive shape at the points of maximum force. 

Like all of our carbon components, the mast is now built with our Alpinefoil MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) technology, which provides an unparalleled level of rigidity.

The new mast, like its predecessors Alpinefoil 4.0 and 4.5, is equipped with the ACS technology (Anti Cavitation System), an Alpinefoil exclusive. This "S" shape increases the angle of incidence of the immersed part of the mast and thus reduces the formation of cavitation bubbles. The stall limit of the foil is considerably delayed relative to a straight mast, allowing you to fly even more slowly when you want to. 

We continue to use the now standard KF-Box housing (KiteFoil Box), the only box specifically designed for the foil. This box distributes the massive loads on the five large surfaces of the mast-box connection, providing superior rigidity and durability. Using this standard KF-Box makes the 5.0 Full Carbon compatible with all Alpinefoil foilboards (RXV5, RXV5 S, RXV6, CXV6 ...) as well as foil boards from other manufacturers such as F-One, 3G Camet.

The rear stabilizer wing has been designed to increase control in low range and high-speed stability.    

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The XLP 2 wing that ships with the Alpinefoil 5.0 has been redesigned and is built with our exclusive MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) Technology for rigidity, improving the control and performance of the foil, whatever the wind speed. The XLP 2 is the must-have wing from Alpinefoil. It enables beginners to learn to foil and move with confidence, while the more experienced rider can achieve speeds of up to ~28 knots. The XLP 2 has an area of 682 cm² and the progressively recurved wings allow complete control from 4 knots without being overpowered.

Like all our foils, the Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon is easy to disassemble and packs fully flat for easy transport in the optional Alpinefoil travel case.

Alpinefoil 5.0 comes with full carbon screws


"Sport" for light-wind racing

"Race" wing for higher-wind racing

“SC-Race" for high-speed cruising

"Wave" wing for waves and foil-freestyle

VR6 convertible race/lightwind/foil board

Vr5 "beginner to expert" foil-only board

CX-V6S convertible surf/foil board

FS-2 Freestyle/strapless foilboard

Alpinefoil "carbon finish" footstraps

TX 30 Torx wrench

Alpinefoil 5.0 Full carbon: Registered design

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