Our dedicated freeride Lift wing Gloss: 474.16 € exVAT outside EU

Program: Cruising, Carving, Tack, Low Speed, Aerial manoeuvre.

For beginner to expert rider. Very good maneuverability, excellent stability, very good lift, it is the perfect wing to practice aerial manoeuvres, ride with low-speed or work transitions.

Limited series production RTeam. Full carbon construction, Alpinefoil MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) and VAS (Variable Angle System) technologies.

Compatibility: all Alpinefoil since 4.5.

Gloss finish


Suitable for Light wind to very strong wind. MCF carbon fiber. Variable Angle System.

Polished carbon finish.

Compatible with all Alpinefoil foil systems.


Kitefoil Wing LIFT GLOSS

Wing carbon Lift - Program : Cruising, Carving, Aerial manoeuvre Low Speed. For novice and Expert 499 € TTC ( with VAT)

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569,00€ inc. tax


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