Kitefoil SX-1 convertible surfkite 4.9 x 18.1 - 23 Liters

Foil Board SX-1, 4.9 x 18.1 - 23 liters - Program: Foil, Surfkite, beginner to expert. Delivered without fins, without footstrap, without plug.

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1 099,00€ inc. tax - 915,83€ excl. tax

Kitefoil SX-1 convertible surfkite 4.9 x 18.1 - 23 Liters
Price 915,83 Euros exVAT 

The SX-1 is the convertible Foilboard Surfkite from the Alpinefoil range. It is aimed at riders of all levels, from beginner to expert looking for a mixed practice surfkite/kitefoil. . This foilboard has been specially designed for surfkite use and optimized for more accessibility and better start low beach.

When using Kitefoil you will find a very tense board and a sufficient volume to discover the kitefoil and to practice it in freeride mainly.The technologies from our 100% kitefoil board have been introduced on this model and adjusted to optimize the behaviour in surfkite. The SX-1 is particularly comfortable in small to medium waves.

A central rail on the hull appears with well-defined and fine fields to ensure excellent surfing behaviour. The hook is excellent and the driving dynamic in turns. Its stretched lines offer speed in all wind situations and allow to pass soft areas easily.


The characteristics

  • Quick start on schedule
  • Central chanel along full length for better grip
  • Progressive spatula for direct accelerations
  • Trimmed tail coupled to carbon fins in thruster for excellent curve behaviour
  • Housing caps for surfkite use
  • Convex bridge for greater manoeuvrability and a light rail passage
  • Outline narrow enough to favour corner shots in kitefoil use

Which AlpineFoil foilboard to buy ? How to choose your board according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.

For more information, consult our dedicated Alpinefoil SX-1 kitefoil board page here.



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