Pack Windfoil A1 Alu ALPINEFOIL + Board JP Australia Hydrofoil 135 FWS 2020

Pack Windfoil A1 Alu 1200 ALPINEFOIL + Board JP Australia Hydrofoil 135 FWS 2020

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Pack Windfoil A1 Alu 1200 ALPINEFOIL + Board JP Australia Hydrofoil 135 FWS 2020


Pack Windfoil A1 Alu ALPINEFOIL + Board JP Australia in details : 



The A1 was created as a 100% windfoil with all the constraints associated with this practice. This series is the result of 11 years of experience in the hydrofoil field. Research, development, design and manufacture: all products are fully designed within AlpineFoil by practicing designers to advance the practice. Indeed, the company has always made it a point of honor to work in the service of the practice of the foil according to the numerous tests carried out in the field by Team AlpineFoil. The result is constantly improved products so that the pleasure is increased tenfold.

This includes:

a foil first and foremost performing in Light Wind,
a technically and financially accessible foil,
an evolving foil with exceptional performance from the A1 Carbon version,
a foil that can adapt to most boards on the market
a foil that offers the reliability and robustness that have made AlpineFoil famous,
a fully removable foil,
a very reasonable or even light weight,
a mast that measures 90cm, which in our opinion represents the minimum for sailing at sea.


Developed by Werner Gnigler with Sebastian Kornum the Hydrofoil could be described as a versatile foilboard. It makes the practice easy and accessible to anyone who wants to experience the feeling of flying on water. It nevertheless offers runners a very efficient racing machine. The shape is suitable for all levels, from beginner to professional - from zero to hero while covering a very wide range of winds. You can also use it with a classic wing… you get the feeling of a shorter and wider Super Sport, but almost as fast. Compared to the 155, the 135 has a wider range of use thanks to a nose that stays a little lower in flight, making it easier to control. Compared to a slalom or freeride board, the HYDROFOIL is much easier to use for sailing because it offers a comfortable position and enough leverage to manage the lift of the foil. Once in flight, the board provides a balanced platform so that you can focus entirely on controlling the foil. The hull is also optimized to create as little resistance in the air as possible. The shape is compact (215 cm x 86 cm) with a wide tail and fairly parallel rails. The rather low nose, combined with a reasonable rocker line, offers a soft and tolerant entry into the water during landings. This is essential, as many beginners tend to bake. This special nose also reduces loadings by offering lift which promotes immediate relaunching when touching. The volume distribution is very uniform to give this 135 a perfect balance when you are in the air, and excellent forward glide. take off. The cuts also limit drag in the takeoff phase. The specific deck plan is very different from that of a slalom or freeride board in order to adapt to the straighter posture used in a foil. In sustained winds it is important that the float is not too affected by the gusts. The shape is therefore worked so as not to create lift in the air in these conditions.


The RS: FLIGHT are equipped with a reinforced Tuttle box, which allows the use of both the Tuttle and the deep Tuttle. Therefore, these boards can also be used for standard fin sailing.

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