Windfoil wing - ULW 900 STD

Carbon RTeam wing ULW 900 - 945 cm², 840 mm - Program : Windfoil, Light wind, Freeride, Cruising, beginner to expert

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Ultra Light Wind 900 Standard Version
Price 532,50 Euros exVAT

The windfoil Wing carbon is specially design to allow of maximum of riders to accede to windfoil with a lot of accessibilities.
This special windfoil wing ULW 900 ( Ultra Light Wind 900) is a different wing to windfoil. The new typology of wing is manufactured with after 10 years of development on windfoil. It allows to works with low speed but also reaching speed over 25 knots.
Its atypic profile generate of  Kitefoil of race allows to combine low range, hight top speed, maniabilyty and a perfect stability.


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