Shim GIS V3 - NEGATIVE and POSITIVE shim SET For all AlpineFoil

Set of 8 GIS V3 stabilizer angle adjustment wedges for Alpinefoil foil all models: positive + negative wedges


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Set of 8 wedges GIS V3 for stabilizer angle adjustments for Alpinefoil foil all models

Allows you to adjust the balance of the foil in flight and reduce or increase the pressure on the front leg

a well-adjusted foil has the same pressure front leg rear leg

1 neutral wedge 0° for the front,
1 neutral wedge 0° for the stabilizer
3 negative wedge for the stabilizer: -0.8°, -1.1°, -1.5° (more pressure on the front leg)
3 positive wedges for the stabilizer: +0.7°, +1.1°, +1.5° (less pressure on the front leg)

The small arrow of the wedges must always be in the direction of travel of the foil

New plastic material integrating a percentage of fiberglass for more longevity and better resistance over time

Latest model of injected galvanic isolators, new design based on fiberglass for more solidity.

Compatible with all AlpineFoil models.
Note that systematic use of GIS 3 will extend the life of your foil.

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