Kitefoil Convivial Serre Ponçon "The foil day"

From 05/07/2014 to 06/07/2014 at 00:00

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Duration : 2 Jours Gratuit

This program "foil day"

Saturday morning around 10am welcoming guests with coffee and croissants offered at home rises twelve o'clock at 11am so if you have any SUP or other Lake is yours, afternoon picnic, each manages to info there 2 snacks on site, it's afternoon ride time, we can organize a funny race with if the conditions are transferred to Embrum, evening cocktails in collaboration with the school "Altitude kite" (Ludivine thank you and Arnaud) on their terrace (club participates so that all consolidated or a 1 €!) tapas offered by Altitude kite, then or together BBQ participation of € 5/person will be required (free for children) to see when morning coffee ...

Sunday feeling

Serre poncon