Customer test and review

  • Test/Customer review on the Wing Hawk 1800

    Back Raphael test on the Hawk 1800 wing in Wingfoil in the different wind ranges
    Find all the details of the Hawk 1800 on its dedicated page

    Alpinefoil winfoil supfoil surfoil hawk alu carbon 17

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  • Test/Customer review on the Wing Race M 580

    An expected return to the water ... we share that of Raphaël who was finally able to launch his new Race M580 and enjoy the gliding sensations again.
    Find all the details of this Wing which completes the Race range on its dedicated page

    Kitefoil wing race alpinefoil 9538


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  • Customer Review of KiteFoil Rave with Wave wing 1200

    We share with you 2 nice feedback with the Kite Foil Rave and Wave 1200. 2 experiments signed  by Raf Ladin with the Board FS2 and Fabien Gauthier with the Pocket FS3-XS 2020.
    Raf is with the board FS2 and Fabien with the pocket FS3-XS 2020. 

    Thanks to them. 



    Test fabien gauthier rave wave 1200



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  • Raid WinFoil Toulon - La Rade - St Mandrier

    Congratulations to Gautier Guichard for his participation in the raid Windfoil Toulon-La rade - St Mandrier to îles des deux frères- Cap de Carquieranne
    A new great performance in Windfoil and especially a lot of fun for Gautier who has traveled 70 km in 20nds last weekend on the event organized by the French Windfoil Association.
    Gautier, rider AlpineFoil, was equipped for this occasion with Windfloil Alu A1 mounted with the ULW 1200 and the new Board 2020 AWF3 215 x 78 128 liters. Gautier obviously took a lot of fun with this combo which was perfectly adapted for this raid and which confirms the possibilities offered by the ULW 1200 at the same time in low range, upwind, navigation in the strong winds, control and speed of displacement high.

    Thank you Gautier for your return in pictures and especially CONGRATULATIONS  to you.

    Windfoil alpinefoil alu a1 1200

    Windfoil alpinefoil alu a1 1200 awf3


    Capture d ecran 2019 11 09 a 22 26 59




  • Customer reviews kitefoil Alpinefoil Rave - VR6 2020

    The little shot of Peps at AlpineFoil this week ... We do not regret having cracked.

    We wanted to share with you the return of a customer following the purchase of his AlpineFoil Rave.
    It is this type of return that makes you want to continue to develop products and to believe in our Made in France production. The goal for us is to satisfy our customers more and more about the quality and especially the pleasure of skiing.
    Our explanations and the attention we strive at best to bring to each customer, to advise him on the best adapted product is really the philosophy and the little more that we try to bring.

    Patrice thank you for this good boost for the team who wishes you a good progress with your new toy.

    «Patrice The 04/11/2019
    After my first foil a lot of hesitation before moving to a new product
    Call to ALPINEFOIL conseil by Damien CHABOUD directly
    Decide to go there on the occasion of a trip to see the products in the showroom (I needed to see the products)
    Welcome by Damien CHABOUD directly and true debacle on the products Alpinefoil ... but I would not have had, I cracked: Purchase a rave associated with the board VR6 2020 (yes, I broke my piggy bank and it is true that I hesitated between the access carbon and VR5)
    Well I must say that I was good wall and the finish is top with a bonus visit of the factory
    Back in the Atlantic Loire with the combo and test in complicated conditions on the first two outputs, a lot of waves and current, disappointment .... Call to Alpinefoil for adjustments and advice. Damien even confirms the placement of the straps and calles and even propose settings if I want to find the same behavior as my old foil but remains on these initial advice and settings, and he was right
    New test last week and it's gone live. impressive, all the advice proved to be accurate. Now it's up to me to progress because far from the capabilities of the machine in any case see the photo no equivalent in terms of finish and evolution (it's just a killer to watch) to follow but super happy from my investment I look forward to trying it now in very light conditions to see how far we can go with it. To be continued...

    Kitefoil rave avis client patrice b moyen

    Kitefoil rave avis client patrice b2 moyen


  • Damien Chaboud's interview by WindFoil Zone

    Interview with Damien Chaboud of AlpineFoil

    AlpineFoil is a renowned French kitefoiling brand based out of the Alps who is known for specializing in the design and manufacture of carbon, aluminium and titanium kitefoils for kitesurfing and foil windsurfing. For this upcoming season, AlpineFoil has been innovating yet again and finally launches its first range devoted to windfoil the Windfoil A1 Aluminium and the Windfoil A1 Carbon!

    Windfoil Zone will test and review AlpineFoil A1 soon, but in the meantime, we have asked the founder, Damien Chaboud, to answer a few questions to know a little bit more about the brand, its vision and its products.

    Name: Damien Chaboud      
    Age: 46
    Citizenship: French
    Home spot: Monteynard Lake, France (Lac de Monteynard)
    Profession: AlpineFoil’s founder and CEO

    Windfoil Zone: Damien, thanks for answering our questions! Could you give us a little glimpse into your personal life?
    I have a strong passion for everything which glides and flies! In the past, I have had the opportunity to try paragliding, then windsurfing, followed by all kinds of foiling activities since 2005.
    I come from the industrial world and have an engineering background, which allowed me to acquire knowledge on composite materials and the necessary rigor in industrial processes to develop products.
    This experience enabled me to master all aspects of product manufacturing and design in order to reach a high-quality level, which also meets my own standards and requirements.

    WZ: Tell us about the AlpineFoil adventure? How did it start and where are you today?
    Like many industrial success stories, everything started out one evening after work in a garage, where I used to make my own gear to sail so that I could get out and sail with my friends on the weekends. After that, I was asked to make some foils for my friends and then that progressed to making them for friends of friends…, and that is how it all got started.

    We finally started our company in 2013, with a new building site and a production team to meet the growing demand. In 2017, we produced about 500 hydrofoils in our production plant. We are still a small company with a family culture, which makes premium hydrofoils made in France.
    AlpineFoil’s development follows the sales evolution and our way of working is improving at the same time. This year, we integrated two new robots into our production in order to make the sanding of the foils easier for our employees. The goal is to free them from this tedious task so that they can focus on having a flawless finish on the products.

    In 2018, AlpineFoil built the first factory in the world 100% dedicated to foil manufacturing. This is a new step in the company’s development, as this will allow us to increase our production capacity and continue to develop the technology aspect of our hydrofoils.

    WZ: Kitefoiling has been around for a few years already, and like several other kite brands, AlpineFoil is now developing into windfoiling. Tell us why you’re moving in this direction and how your brand vision differs from others.
    As I mentioned before, I have been windsurfing for many years before moving to kitesurfing, and I have always loved the unique sensations windsurfing gives. When I saw the possibility to build a performant windfoil, it just made logical sense to get involved with the development of this amazing sport. We could use our many years of experience in the hydrofoil world to offer a high-quality range of windfoils for windsurfers. Our windfoils benefit from the expertise of the company and all the patented technology developed by AlpineFoil, such as the “sacrificial anode”. (Aluminium is unfortunately susceptible to corrosion in the saline marine environment. After intense research, AlpineFoil has found a cure that completely revolutionizes aluminium windfoil: SACS-technology (Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System), developed and patented by AlpineFoil, an ultra-efficient anti-corrosion system.)

    Since the early days of AlpineFoil in my garage 13 years ago, my motto has always been to achieve excellence both for the glide and for the design of our products. We realise that mostly all foils are working, but rare are those that allow you to fly with real comfort, stability, and high performance in terms of speed. To do this, nothing can be left to chance. At AlpineFoil, we seek perfection in every detail, on the choice of materials, in our manufacturing techniques, and in the final finishing of our products, no matter the product range. Our company tries to combine the high-level precision of industrial technologies with the flexibility of a craft company at best. This is what differentiates us from the large companies on the market.

    WZ: You have recently launched the A1 windfoil concept, with both alloy and carbon construction. Would you tell us a bit more about the foil and its modular concept?
    The windfoil A1’s concept is clear: design a modular and scalable windfoil, as efficient as possible in order to give the rider a regular progression. The idea is to start from a foil at the top of the range and then make a more affordable version with an aluminium mast, while keeping the features of the premium version.
    With this modularity concept, we wanted to offer the aluminium foil with 4 different types of foil heads: Tuttle, Deep Tuttle, Powerbox, and Plate, so that it can be adapted to wide variety of boards. AlpineFoil has established a reputation as a quality supplier in the kitefoil industry thanks to our advanced technologies, and we want to continue in the same direction when it comes to windfoiling.


    WZ: Windfoiling is still very young. How do you see the future of windfoiling? Just a trend or a true revolution in modern windsurfing?

    It will become a new standard, for sure. We have already seen this in the kitesurf industry. Windsurfing was a revolution in the 80’s, then kitesurfing in the 2000’s, kitefoiling became a commercial success in 2010, and now it is windfoiling’s turn to create its revolution!
    Many former windsurfers, as myself, will come back to the sport to try and experience the foiling advantages. This is definitely a true revolution in which we are proud to be a part of!

    WZ: Damien, thank you for answering our questions. The last word is yours. Do you have anything to add to finish off this interview?

    My grandfather often said to me “why settle for ‘just ok’ when perfection is at hand?”
    Today, this is the vision which guides our company.

    Thanks to Windfoil Zone for all the work you do!

    NB! Stocks of AlpineFoil A1 are limited due to a high demand.

    Please check the amazing website of WindFoil Zone which is the bible of WindFoil :

  • Test Kiteboarder Magazine

    An amazing test of our products in the french Kiteboarder Magazine ! 

    They say that the Access V3 is the best aluminium foil on the current market, the ultimate has been called "Jewel", and the VR5 has got an amazing rate of 19/20...

    For those who have some knowledge in french, here is the article !

    Test kiteboarder

  • Video Windfoil AlpineFoil on the Lake of Monteynard

    After some images by the new windfoil Alpinefoil aluminum and carbon, here is a first video to discover these new windfoil there action were shot during the last weekends on the lake of Monteynard, Steave Lyne and louvet Anne honored us with making out a will our products, in sometimes whimsical conditions (10 / 30 knots), the stability and the accessibility of the new windfoil alpinefoil allowed nevertheless to realize beautiful images. On the other hand of very beautiful condition of lake allowed steave to navigate in little air the last weekend

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  • Video Windfoil AlpineFoil on the Lake of Monteynard

    After some images by the new windfoil Alpinefoil aluminum and carbon, here is a first video to discover these new windfoil there action were shot during the last weekends on the lake of Monteynard, Steave Lyne and louvet Anne honored us with making out a will our products, in sometimes whimsical conditions (10 / 30 knots), the stability and the accessibility of the new windfoil alpinefoil allowed nevertheless to realize beautiful images. On the other hand of very beautiful condition of lake allowed steave to navigate in little air the last weekend

  • Alpinefoil to Guadeloupe

    Fabrice DELEGUE shares his stay in Guadeloupe with her kitefoil Alpinefoil Access 5.0.

    Any new rider, Fabrice discovers the magic carpet this summer at Lake monteynard. His short stay enabled him to progress in the light wind keeping the strong wind wings.

    His visit took place as follows: All sessions were conducted wing XLP and Gakites PURE 8m. Two sessions St. Francis, in an oscillating wind 7 to 12 for the first and 12 to 18 knts for the second. Very few people on the water as the wind fairly light. The only in Twin Tips have coffered wings of at least 15m2. Its last session was done to salt (spot near Gosier). Wind light of 8 to 12 knts. Fives foils with water only, still 8m, others in 15m cabinet. The foil opens new horizons .....

  • Feedback Customer Alpinefoil Access 5.0

    Customer feedback on the Access 5.0:

    Here are the first customer return on Access 5.0 fired website Kitefoil forum:

    Message Benoit Miquel July 6, 2015

    Hi everybody.
    For those who know me, this is the "Seagull".
    And yes, I started to foil: but eh quiet because it is not obvious !!

    Then it is 4 times that I wrinkled foil, and I had the occassion to test it 3 models:
    - ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0 (alu)
    - KETOS by Orana
    - SROKA

    3 of these tests, I spring with a huge banana with the ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0.
    Model with aluminum mast and fuselage.
    I am at my 4th session of foil, but phew thing what I could do with alpine.
    Super stable and rigid: the blow when you take a lot of speed, the foil remains super super stable compared to others.
    Adaptable light wind wing or wing more efficient.

    In short, easy glide, great instinctive, like a little toy for beginners like me or others that send fadas serious (dedicated to Hugo and Romain !!!).

    What else to say on this foil ... oh yes the board. Pfff ... AT TOP, not big, not too small, the straps made in alpine 'were great !! I enjoyed the config 2 straps to the front and then the back foot V strapless !!
    Anyway, I'm not a crack but there's not surfing, I gets off this my session with ACCESS 5.0 made by Damien Chaboud !!

    I think (and even that's for sure), I'll take one!
    Because I already know the team well ALPINEFOIL and they were great to me (counseling, testing etc.). Then, have a great foil perfo 'but equally accessible and finally downright moin expensive than full carbon (€ 1000 moin, what we done for € 1095) !!

    Cheers everyone and soon on (above) the water!

    The Seagull

    Jm33 message of July 13, 2015

    "I had the chance to try it last Sunday foil, after trying the Manta few weeks ago, the AlpineFoil gave me much more good feelings that the Manta.
    Already in terms of robustness, junction mat / fuselage is much more rigid, no game like the Manta, fixings wing and stab with the same feeling ... The whole is still very heavy, taking to wear dt even to maneuver in the water, but the water start sent the clear impression is that of having always been able to find out the foil so the stability is HUGE! (that said I liked the Manta side stability).

    He does not move and it has all the appearance including downwind, no breakdown detected during the test. Dt suitable speed softness in pides although I felt the inertia of the board.
    A perfect foil for learning or for freeride, I think we must quickly master the "airjibe" and so transfers the foil is easy! To be confirmed by another test longer ... "

    Serialkiler05 message of July 13, 2015

    Testing the Access 5.0 yesterday with the wing freeride, I had already tried with the wing sports during the friendly.
    Heavy to go to the water, then it is forgotten. Sensation stability at all speeds, easier curve with the sport. Max very easy to reach (well mine because I think we can go faster). Immediate feeling of gliding.
    Clearly a very good freeride foil with perfs at least as much carbon foil.

    You can find other alpinefoil return on the following link

  • Leopoldo Turco sailing on the Caribbean Sea

    Leo sailing in the Caribbean Sea in one of the seven wonders of the world Alpinefoil 4.5:

    It uses HELD wing, wing allowing it to go fast being very stable. Men's Light selling very in 9 kts in 15m Ozone Chrono

  • Bowen Dwelle kitefoil on the island marshall

    Back to the travel Bowen Dwelle the Marshall Island:

    Very happy Alpinefoil Kitefoil 4.5 with wing board XLP + RX-V6 and slides Maui Cloud 9m + CSS Cabrinha bar in the Marshall Islands

    Thank you to him for the postponement pictures :)

  • Interview Vincent HOLVOET : Rider Alpinefoil

    Interview with Vincent HOLVOET in early March 2015

    Hello Vincent can you introduce yourself briefly?

    For 14 years I practice kitesurf in Polynesia, I am 47 years old with a passion for sports in general and especially water that are very accessible in Polynesia.

    Former Store Manager Neway Bordeaux, Product Manager at Frog's SA Hossegor (RIP CURL, DSO glasses, WET DREAMS luggage, toobs bodyboards) Socièté events in Bordeaux (surfing competitions structures, motocross, concerts, festivals ...) and Tahiti .

    Or navigates you mainly kitefoil?

    In Tahiti the Hitimahana Spot Motu Martin in Mahina

    How long you practice for the kitefoil and how session about a month?

    Since August 2014, and several sessions per week in general

    What level are you, are you more interested in race or freestyle?

    Intermediate level, rather versatile

    You practice the competition in foil?

    The competition is non-existent here for now

    Are you sponsored?

    i dont no

    What is your current Quiver Foil and kite wing?

    The Board AlpineFoil RX-V6 + freeride kite - North Wing rebel 8m + 12m

    How do you find the products Alpinefoil (Board + Foil) Accessibility / Performance

    The quality and finish are unconventional, truly exceptional. Accessibility, incredible stability, admission of other practitioners after trying (stable, precise, lightweight, ...). Slides very "easy" and fluid, test race wing. You can find me on facebook on the "hitimahana beach". See you soon

  • Winter week-end Beauduc in Alpinefoil

    Winter week-end Beauduc by marc BENOIT, Benoit BILLET et Christophe MARIN :

    Saturday, January 11, 2015:

    Arrived at 9:30 am with Christophe, we feel that the day is bright: bright sun, wind, and hardly anyone on the beach.

    A beautiful stretch of water well trained with over 18 ° C, four hours of navgation and 75km counter this beautiful ride to the west of Saintes Maries, increasing wind during the day, foil 7m in Voyager. I was wet combi without ever having cold feet and bare hands.

    Sunday, January 12, 2015:

    After a peaceful and restorative super night we get up in the sun in an unlikely sweetness in January. At 10 am on and off to the beach it was already 15°C !

    When we arrived on the beach on a cloudy path offers us a beautiful changing light while the strong wind poses on the floor of sand ripples. magic

    This time we do not hesitate too much on the size of wings, especially as the rocker planned north by strengthening arrives right on time. This will be 5m2 for everyone. The sun is back.

    The water is ravaged, there within 30 kts with slaps beyond that require serious toil wings.

    I decided to go for it in foil. The wind side, it is ultimately easier than yesterday reaching open water. Good wet slap in the face in the shore break, we must guide and hold on the foil under the arm, but the wing allows to get away easily.

    Little session half an hour to manage the slaps of wind and hectic lake with cross wave trains running at high speed under the foil. More tiring mentally and physically.

    Christophe and Benoit will enjoy surfing. Lunch break away in the Benoit truck. Around 16:30 smoothed relative calm the water and Benoit will leave for a good session in foil which may have lasted until nightfall. Christophe we go, fed by a WE Beauduc that still has us well filled.

  • Interview Loic DACCORD : Rider Alpinefoil

    DACCORD loic interview in early January 2015

    Hello loic, can you introduce yourself briefly?

    Loic Daccord I'm 30 .... Heuuuu 33 years. I am originally from the Grenoble area and I settled in New Caledonia for over 7 years. I came in Noumea after completing my studies in college. Sports and BEESAN. I always multidisciplinary physical activities including volleyball and swimming in competition, snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and windsurfing. Arrived here, waiting for my board stuff happening boat in 4 months, I taste the kite and did let go.

    Sailest where you mainly kitefoil ?

    On the Spot Meridien Noumea, 1 Km from home. Caledonia is surrounded by a coral reef that forms a shallow lagoon, forming a fantastic playground with many islands to visit. I most often go around the island and the island duck master, about 14 km for a ride.

    How do you practice kitefoil time, and how many sessions about a month ?

    I started the kite arriving in the territory, first twin-tip, and then came the race, speed, and for a year and a half the foil. Here we have the chance to have 300 days of sunshine per year and almost as much wind. This allows me to navigate throughout the year at the rate of one to two times a week.

    What level are you, are you more interested in race or freestyle?

    I have a feel for the race, both the slalom, the speed and race. I practice the competition for 3 years now. I'm on the second step of the podium this year. Regarding the level of practice it is difficult to really locate, but I can only say that I spend tacking and jibing in air, and I'm in V max 29.9 knots.

    Do you practice the competition in foil?

    I practice foil competition since this year alone and according to the race format. The local league provides different race formats (slalom, speed crossing and race) and on various practice sites that do not allow to run on foil at each stage. Slalom discipline remains the queen with investments in twin-type much more democratized. Hence today the need to be versatile and good on each bracket.

    Are you sponsored ?

    I benefit from good price on Ozone wings with the local dealer: Airpacifik Antoine and supports Damien Chaboud of Alpinefoil. No sponsor.

    What is your current Quiver Foil and kite wing ?

    I am 13, 9 and 7m2 Ozone Edge 2014 and a Alpinefoil course with boards race RX-V6 and V6 CX-wave and wing race.

    How do you find the produce Alpinefoil (Board + Foil) Accessibility / Performance ?

    For a year and a half, I have tested many different foils and I find the Alpine foil much more successful today. I find the board race open to all levels of practice. It is also very well proportioned for light wind. Today I sail with this board in all conditions of wind and swell. For the foil, I'm surprised by its stability and heading.

    The world of foil is booming and evolving, while Alpinefoil knew how to be innovative and ahead of its time, which enables this product aged about 2 years to always have a step ahead competition.

    In conclusion I came across Damien serendipitously and I immediately flashed on the design of the Alpinefoil. The standardized and commercialized version of the foil is very accessible. Even if the performance aspect is the appointment I think future developments will be on customizing the hardware and broadening the range of foil wings (I expect the wing speed). I would especially like to thank Damien Chaboud for his presence and support as I commend the work done and the product he has in the world. The sensations produced by Alpinefoil are hardly descriptive better than to talk about it must adopt ... ciao I'll go on the water.

    Interview Loic DACCORD - Rider Alpinefoil " Photo Crédit : Éric Bellande "

  • Duck tack in Alpinefoil by Pieter Zweers

    Pieter ZWEERS shows us how to make ducks tack hydrofoil. The video was recorded on the island of BONNAIRE downwind in the Lesser Antilles, we see a completely flat lake turquoise blue. Pieter was equipped with wing XLP Standard and RX-V6 board, thank you to him for this video.

  • The discovery alpinefoil by Nicolas Jacquemond

    Story Jacquemond Nicolas during his first steps Alpinefoil :

    After a first session at Fos in 25kt towards Giens for a few days of sweetness to finally test this hydrofoil whose finish did just want to go ride!

    Day 1: 6-7 kt Badine ... light for a second session, but want too ... Foil quickly mounted, I go lotus 15m and Go! The board is nickel waterstart a front strap and stable in water before mounting. Weight on the front not to take off too early and do some edges without mounting as advised by Damien Chaboud designer of the Alpinefoil and FIRE!

    Day 2: The Wind made the yoyo between 9 and 13 kt, I retain the lesson and takes the Speed IV 10m.
    Ah! Finally perched up there, I can test the different gaits and cap ... happiness! Certainly it is sensitive, pressure too much, an overreaction: BIM is the slap; but with a wing that flies with little air stable ... and especially not too powerful, I discovered other navigation possibilities in this Alpinefoil.

    Day 3: The day!
    Almanarre wind off, glassy. Morning session, I find on my feet (the brain to refine connections during the night) and manages to make the edges more than 1km with changes of course, of shapes ...

    Day 4: More wind and waves to Badine, test Convertible V6 CX-board: Good session with during cornering test and lifts the wind a little time to adapt to carve tight (less weight on the up because the board is short). Good upwind despite the small fins.

    Day 5: Early November to Franqui!
    Hop, Foil before it goes too. In 6m will be enough. Good good sport Foil because again underwater waves wave takes the wing of the foil ... you have to go away. But the swell rises and the wind comes in spurts. And that despite the fairly good feeling being perched, I realize that the size of the waves in the sea is too high to be tranquillou.
    Obliged to go up or down depending on the foil hollows and bumps hills ... otherwise it is the exit fins or crash while ... After 1H ride perched with beautiful box, I abdicate to the size of the swell and above attraction to beautiful breaking. Surfing: I'm starting to get used to that pretty little board though handy.

    Conclusion : Besides aches and bruised ribs, a good feeling about this little gem. It will take time to master the beast but from the first moment we are addicted to the smooth navigation becomes very drastic if you want to send the watts. We'll have to do even to refine it all and spend a jibe perched!
    Surfing, snowboarding requires a little getting used to for those who ride with a radical surfing. This is a no brainer surfing, pretty fast and fun.

  • Pieter Zweers Rider Alpinefoil on the island of BONNAIRE

    Pieter Zweers shares his passion for kitefoil BONNAIRE on the island near Venezuela. Pieter is equipped Plate RX-V6 and 4.5 Alpinefoil wing with XLP. Here are some pictures of him trying to ride and achieve beautiful Duck Tack on a water completely flat as this is the spot to leeward. Thank you to him for sharing experience.




  • Hugo CHABOUD - Young Rider promising team of Alpinefoil

    Hugo Chaboud discovered the kite when he was 12. Hugo who is now 15, has progressed with ease since his first sessions and now has reach a good level at freestyle kitesurfing and at snowkiting in particular. He participated to his first competion at the beginning of 2014.

    He discovered kitefoil simply by seeing his father developing hydrofoils at home, naturaly he started foiling in april 2014, and is now already passing foiling gybes. 

    Hugo likes the Alpinefoil 4.5 with XLP wing with the Rx-v6 board which makes him confident for cruising up and down Monteynard lake easily.


    Hugo could not practice kitefoil this summer because of his broken right arm, he is now back this autumn and is showing us all his talent.

    Here are some pictures from Hugo at his fourth kitefoil session at Lake Monteynard on the 25th of October 2014.

    Thanks to photographer Marc BENOIT





  • Alpinefoil in Corsica with Vincent DAUBAGNA

    Vincent DAUBAGNA, dated last rider to be part of Team Alpinefoil, we are back on this Alpinefoil 4.5 full carbon with surfing CXV6 Wave convertible surfkite.
    Two sessions on the beautiful island :
    The first to Propriano in September 2014, in relatively calm seas, 10 kts Bandit 9m. Speed ​​23 kts, but especially fluid sequence of jibes and transfers thanks to the high lift wing XLP (Xtra Large Program). A very smooth sailing the turquoise waters of the beautiful island.


    The second session in the Bay of Figari, gusty wind 20-25 kts, choppy water, Bandit 7m. The Alpinefoil remains controllable and stable despite gusts.
    Its strong points are: the speed range, the wing bearing in slow transitions while remaining controllable at high speed, allowing firm backing and upwind impressive. It allows you to browse according to their desires, spend a few seconds with a mild jibe to be taken quickly and nervous speed (up to 3 times the wind ...). Changes of pace and direction are limitless. A real fighter ...


  • Alpinefoil at Rhodos Prasonisi (Greece) 2014 Kitefoil Surfboard

    Back Daniel MEIER (Kitefoileur Switzerland):

    Holidays in Greece kite with Alpinefoil system.

    Alpinefoil bags and small weight of all Alpinefoil is perfect for a holiday by plane.

    At Rhodes, Greece we had conditions with waves, flat water, chop and swell party. The wind was weak to strong 25-30 to 8-10 knots. Most Kn 20.

    I used surfboard with wing catalyst ozone 8 m² and 10 m² in conditions of great waves. I had a lot of fun! Everything is possible and very easy to navigate. A surfboard magnificent in which you can expect pure pleasure!

    It has been demonstrated that Alpinefoil can be used anywhere without any problems. I had a lot of fun in all conditions and I learned a lot.

    I thank the team for Alpinefoil the very good work and development.

    These are my best holiday kite !

    The video of his stay :

  • Surfkite board Wave CX-V6 / Return Christophe MARIN

    Here is a small return for a customer on board Wave CX-V6 mode Surfkite!

    Navigation foil that day at the lake and passing mode surfkite Wave board with CX-mounted V6 ... with FCS fins. Large banana, super session of 2 h, 10 m2, this board is really nice to surf, allows tight jibes and short, ultre-tolerant change of foot (as in foil fashion way), large cap backwards foot level rear fins, good glide, in short I LOVED! The volume does help pass soft lake Monteynard, I wanted to test before joining Marc in Quiberon next week for Houat Wing's, Perfect I would not take the foil and the AF board! No additional surfing.

  • Kitefoil Lac du Monteynard - 29/06/14

    Sunday, June 29, 2014: Benoit BILLET to ride alone kitefoil Lake Monteynard /  for the descent into the gorge Drac

    There were not many people in the water. Short session of 16 to 18h with a good heat on the south of the lake, the first descent into the gorge Drac with bridge prominent well struggled to stand the wind is disrupted low down ..

    A very nice track of Benoit! Congratulations :)

  • Alpinefoil in Bretagne / The Penthièvre 24-06-14

    Thank you Marc BENOIT for this adventure in Bretagne in a really suitable for the practice of Kitefoil wind

    Tuesday, June 24: Beautiful session thermal pure who won the NE in the morning. Always beautiful weather, warm (27 ° prompting thermal) nav shorty story to enjoy the T ° air and water, four wings in the air ...

    Reached Penthièvre (Penteür in Breton traditional country of Bretagne) to 16.30 I feels a moment to the wing ... 21? 14? From time to time the pass 14 but I want to ensure also in 21 ... Time to mount the foil can believe it took one or two nodes, time to get the 14 it may be that the 10 happen ...

    So I go on 10m2 hoping that it will take a few watts ... I'm edges but rather soft, after 20 minutes I just take the 14.

    And here we go for a top session 2:30, 60km draw Portivy Bay on a calm sea, with occasional cuckoo Ulm just a show "skytesurf" his passenger, military kayaking and mesh joining the fort, other donf three khaki Zodiac ...

    10379911 824955127515321 4135499404537875772 o

    As it starts to pull well I am increasingly offshore, bringing me Téviec then going to the point where it was released spiders paddle Sunday. I even go a little more to see the different points of the Wild Coast. I am an express return six minutes to reach my starting point when I'm playing in small waves raised by the wind. The sea is green, the sky is blue, I want to take some pictures of the foil in nav.

    10380206 824955437515290 3780837444472343144 o

    Here, in a super surprise wind session not announced, I went to the base and market it. In fact, the other three wings in the air have not sailed for more than ten meters from the coast, less than 100m long!

    1529789 824955464181954 4513099335615277104 o

  • Evening session at Lac du Bourget - Juin 2014

    This June 2014, in Lake Bourget kitefoils were out, a wonderful session Hydrofoil in water at 22 C, a true blue lagoon lake right now!

    Wind 12 knots laminar over the entire lake, the program fitting the Transfer Board for Team AlpineFoil!

    In the picture, the presence of Jeff BLACHON (Configuration Foil Wing Race), Damien CHABOUD (Configuration Foil Wing race) and Romain Mandier (normal configuration)

    Racing sails AEROS Cruiser 11m ² 2014 and 2014 Ozone Edge 8 m²

    10492391 10201123018316556 4096376139428586385 n