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Competition report with A1 race by Rick de Veer

By On 13/10/2020


Competition report with the A1 race by Rick de Veer who finished 1st in the competition of the last 3 cotobre on the Blue Ribbon Lake in Germany!



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engie kitetour french cup

By On 02/10/2018

This year again, the alpinefoil team has been working on the kitetour gear for the sixth year in a row.
But what is the Alpinefoil team?
(Following the report definition of the team seen by Hugo;))

Report from Marseille:

Magnificent end of the kitetour engie in Marseille on the beach of Prado with 13 races run in foil in varied conditions,  light wind on the first day and a tonic south-east on Saturday.
the Alpinefoil team occupies the first two places in men's masters on stage after great battles on the water (Jean Francois Blachon 2nd, Damien Chaboud 1st).

In girls, we note the progression of Caroline Prince and Lauriane Nolot who occupy the third and second steps of the podium behind Alexia Fancelli. In the female master category, 1st place remains faithful to Fleur Chalot on the french cup and the stage.
For the overall classification of the french cup, a big congratulations to Emmanuel Deronzier who wins at the end of the three stages. The podium is completed by Benjamin Rade in third place who has shown its potential this season.
Congratulations also to Hugo Chaboud who finishes 5th overall and 4th in senior, to Benoit Billet who slams some very good races at the top of the list with his supersonic speed and his position on the foil always relaxed , to Fabrice Delegue for his acceleration (on wish him good luck for the championship of France F41), Nicolas Siaud for his beautiful 6th place in senior general on three stages.
Congratulations to Jean Pascal Isabello for his good humor and his fights on the water, Jean Bellon the "almost local" stage, Jean Yves Fievet for his first participation and Christopher Lano for his smile on the water .

I hope I have not forgotten anyone.
Finally thanks to the organization of cities and local associations, engie and ffvl without whom these adventures would not exist.

Definiton team alpinefoil: (seen by Hugo:))

This team of competitors a little atypical, is above all a family, a group of friends where everyone often combines, family life, professional life and passions to find the weekend around a good session of foil but not only;)

This team is above all the good excuse to spend time together:
on a bike, on skis, under a paraglider or even around a nice cold beer after the session.
It is characterized by different personalities but which complement each other to enrich the whole team.
The races are individual but the team is welded, always there to re-motivate, help each other, give the little advice that advances and manage the shots worse.
Where there is a problem, there is a solution and the toolbox of the Alpinefoil team is full of resources:)

Finally, the team understood this well: it is by supporting each other that we go further together.
It is also thanks to them if Alpinefoil is where it is today.42790097 1933680046937167 8543049513521119232 o42851596 1933679810270524 8612158462186487808 o42857460 1933679856937186 3387670779163312128 o42911712 1933679763603862 1733328657545428992 o42854505 1933542073617631 5347998826353393664 o42887313 1933540350284470 1129156097643380736 o
Running a hydrofoil business is not an easy task, but it is with this desire to improve every day a little more all the products, to satisfy every driver and all the friends around the world, that Alpinefoil likes to develop a whole range of products accessible to all and efficient.
The goal is that an Alpinefoil pilot can, with the same foil, by simply changing the front wing, to test all the disciplines related to the foil (wave, speed, freeride, adventure, ..) and why not join us on an event .
It is always a great pleasure to share, with the users, without whom none of this would be possible.

Consecration: AlpineFoil, winner of the French Cup 2017

By On 24/10/2017

        After winning the 2016 French Championship, the Team AlpineFoil does it again by winning the 2017 Engie Kite Tour French Cup. We warmly thank the entire Team for the numerous podiums obtained during these 4 stages.  

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        This consecration is due to a team ultra welded, friendly, always motivated and ready to take up all the challenges, but also to an outcome of the development of AlpineFoil products.

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Incredible performance KiteFoil : 6 Podiums for Team AlpineFoil

By On 02/10/2017

On the occasion of the 3rd stage of the French Cup ENGIE Kite Tour 2017 (of 09/29 in 10/01 in Port-Saint-Louis), we are anxious to thank warmly all Team AlpineFoil which moved in number, as well as the DMC club, the FFLV and all the volunteers for the organization. 


Kitefoil alpinefoil team engie kitetour 10


By On 13/07/2017

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Of the team Result at the Defi kite where 253 riders was on the start line.

Fleur CHALO 1st women in Masterclass with Alpinefoil Ultimate and RX-V6S Board

Benoît BILLET 1st master class with Alpinefoil Titanium and the new VR7 Board.

In the Same class, Nicolas Wojnacki finished 3rd with Alpinefoil Titanium and the New VR6 Board.

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Last stage of the Championship Speed Crossing at Almanarre - October 2016

By On 05/11/2016

The team came Alpinefoil enjoy the last stage of the Speed Crossing of France championship in Almanarre.

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A final step is rich in performance with the bonus of a double title of France Speed Crossing #champion for Team Alpinefoil thanks to our two sports, Fleur Chalot and Benoit Billet in master class
Congratulations to both of them for this performance. Not only our two champions eventually won the final stage of Almanarre but all of them end up champion France on four stages in their respective categories on new #kitefoil #Alpinefoil 5.0 Ultimate. Congratulations to both !!!

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1 st place - man - master class : Benoit Billet

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1 st place - women - master class : Fleur Chalot

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Note also a beautiful performance of Hugo Chaboud that ends at the 5 place in junior class
The entire team wishes to thank all participants, volunteers and organizers for the work and investment provided throughout the year on the championship of France, thank you to you :)

AlpineFoil won the special prize of the contest INOSPORT 2014

By On 13/06/2014

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Yesterday June 12, 2014 was held the award ceremony of the contest sporting innovations INOSPORT 2014

a consecration for Alpine Design the founding company of the AlpineFoil brand.

31 sports brands competed, little known small or large groups such prestigious companies: SOLOMON JULBO, WED'ZE (Decathlon), Lafuma OUTDOOR, BABOLAT were all on the same line to defend their innovation and expertise.

An expert jury

Product candidates Inosport Awards 2014 were analyzed by a jury of professionals innovation and sport / leisure / health and science sector.

ARDI - Regional Development Agency and innovation

Bpifrance - Public Investment Bank

CRIS - Centre for Research and Innovation on Sport

Les Ateliers - National School of Industrial Creation

FIFAS - French Federation of sports and leisure industries

INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property

LETI - Institute for Research on micro and nano technologies CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies)

Outdoor Experts - Magazine winter sports and outdoor

Voironnais country - urban community organizer Inosport

Sporaltec-Cluster Rhônalpin professionals sport / leisure sector

SPORTéco - Professional Journal for sports shops

Alpine Design therefore won the special prize awarded by the Innosport Pay Voironais it particularly grateful. This second innovation award is a stepping stone for us to grow our business and recognition by professional sports environment

TV document and article

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AlpineFoil first innovation award 2013 Artinov

By On 20/11/2013

On November 14, a special evening was held at the Chamber of Trade Isère, awards innovation competition Artinov 2013

an unforgettable evening for AlpineFoil team Alpine Design was awarded first prize in the product category, for AlpineFoil. the culmination of four years of research and development

Innovation Awards competition Artinov 2013

an unforgettable evening for AlpineFoil team, Alpine Design Awarded first prize WAS in the product category, for AlpineFoil. the culmination of four years of research and development.

the awards to Artinov been a TV show to be aired on TV Grenoble