How are the foils made?

It is sometimes difficult to imagine all the steps of manufacturing a foil, in this video, you will be able to know everything about the manufacturing of foils of WIngfoil, Kitefoil, Windfoil in France

Erwan Jauffroy, journalist of experience of the Watersportszone channel has honored us with a visit to the Alpinefoil factory to share our know-how.

We propose you to discover how the foils are made.

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Foils made in France: comment sont fabriqués les foils carbone de wingfoil?



Spring is just around the corner! 

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Kitefoil board alpinefoil pocket pro


A new ultra-innovative pocket kitefoil 100% made in France

Alpinefoil innovates and presents its new pocket no volume 100% carbon pre-preg built, exactly like a foil wing
You can find more information on the dedicated videos and the presentation page of this carbon pocket

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Discover the DW range - The versatility by Alpinefoil


DW1680, DW1370, DW980 

Learn more about the new range of wings that revolutionize the practice of WINGFOIL & WINDFOIL

Made in France with the best materials, Alpinefoil opens the doors to versatility, ultra-low beach and Wingfoil gliding

DW Range is avalaible here

Wingfoil / Kitefoil MODULAR - The made in France innovation



Discover the NEW Wingfoil and Kitefoil MODULAR

The made in France Accessible to the greatest number with an aluminum and carbon wing version that starts at 1299 euros and a carbon version at only 1664 euros

A super rigid foil designed for the practice of Wingfoil, Kitefoil, Surfoil, SUPfoil, Dockstart and Wakefoil

The MODULAR, versatility by Alpinefoil.

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Hadou, the Wingfoil expert, tells us even more about the new MODULAR !

Check out the dedicated videos to avoid missing out on the innovations that make up this new Wingfoil by Alpinefoil :

New stabilizer Wingfoil / Windfoil

Sha 188 side vw



Boost your Wingfoil or Windfoil !!!!

Discover the new stabilizers SHA 239 and SHA 188
Super High Aspect stabilizers made in the Alps

Nicolas came to the home spot to discover and test the novelties, he gives us his opinion after a little test in the fresh waters of the start of the season.

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TEST REVIEW Wingfoil Carbon - Alpinefoil Hawk V2.1



After the first video presentation of the Wingfoil Carbon Alpinefoil range, Hadou comes back with a complete Debrief on the ground, and he tells us a little more about this Wingfoil Carbon in his V2 and more about the new stabilizers SHA 239 & SHA 188.

A test to discover which covers most part of the wings of our Wingfoil range.

WingFoil Range is available here !

Wingfoill alpinefoil hawk v2 1 1920 7359

KITEBOARDER 2022 Review - The favorite brand of the editorial team !!!

Magazine test kiteboarder 2022

Test review kiteboarder alpinefoil pocket pro carbone

"The bet of lightness is won, with a weight on our balance of only 1.94 kg.
By far the lightest board of our tests!"

 - Kiteboarder Magazine - no. "Special Tests 2022"


Test kiteboarder rave 100 wave 950

"Dynamic, maneuverable and extremely lightweight, the Rave Air equipped with the Wave 950 is a high-end construction foil for demanding and versatile freeriders and freeriders."

 - Kiteboarder Magazine - no. "Special Tests 2022"


Alpinefoil wave 950 5935 3
"The perfect balance between accessibility and performance, the Wave 950 has everything to become the new Best-Seller of the French brand."

 - Kiteboarder Magazine - no. "Special Tests 2022"

Wingfoil - EZEE 1800

Alpinefoil, renowned for its high-end and affordable made in France foils, offers a wing foil at a SUPER COMPETITIVE price.

Launch Price : 1039 EUROS (Foil only) - MADE IN FRANCE

It's the ideal foil to discover the practice of wing without breaking your savings account and limiting yourself in possibilities.
Ezee 1800 wg 109 pack​​​​​

Windfoil A1, the ultra performance in light wind

The Windfoil A1 RACE - Performance has never been so accessible !

  • 122 cm Fuselage + sacrificial anode
  • Carbon Mast 97 cm
    M46J High-Module
  • Regata 1100 cm² Wing
  • Race Stabilizer


Windfoil alpinefoil a1 race carbon regatta 1100 3

About us

Alpine Design is a French mechanical engineering design firm specializing in foil design and manufacturing for over 13 years.

Its products are intended for the industry of boating: Sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing surfing and stand-up paddle on foil. Our foils in carbon, aluminium and titanium are the result of a great expertise and a deep knowledge of mechanics and composites. 

Choosing a kitefoil, a windfoil, a wingfoil or a SUPfoil AlpineFoil means choosing the know-how and quality Made in France.

AlpineFoil distributes its products in more than 75 countries! And just won the export prize "Alpes Isère 2020"

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