Interview with Damien Chaboud - Planche Mag July 2020

By On 15/09/2020

In July, the magazine Planche Mag came to meet us for their category "Made in France".

​Proud to be able to be part of it, we are very happy to share this interview with you.




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Windfoil competition report - Serre Ponçon

By On 08/09/2020


Damien participated in his first WindFoil competition on August 23, 2020 at Lac de Serre-Ponçon.




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Presentation of the Alpinefoil windfoil A1 Sport

By On 07/07/2020

The Windfoil A1 Sport Carbon is THE windfoil powerful and accessible to all! 

Discover it in detail with this video.

Order yours by clicking here.

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Test/Customer review on the Wing Hawk 1800

By On 01/06/2020

Back Raphael test on the Hawk 1800 wing in Wingfoil in the different wind ranges
Find all the details of the Hawk 1800 on its dedicated page

Alpinefoil winfoil supfoil surfoil hawk alu carbon 17

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Test/Customer review on the Wing Race M 580

By On 19/05/2020

An expected return to the water ... we share that of Raphaël who was finally able to launch his new Race M580 and enjoy the gliding sensations again.
Find all the details of this Wing which completes the Race range on its dedicated page

Kitefoil wing race alpinefoil 9538


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The Ultralight at AlpineFoil 2020

By On 25/02/2020

Release for 2020 of the Ultralight project with the AlpineFoil Air generation, a small revolution at AlpineFoil with freeride, wave, freestyle and jump foils.
Today the foil is everywhere and interests all supports, Kite foil, Wind foil, Surf oil, Sup foil, Wing foil.


This transition has accelerated development at AlpineFoil, which has fully adapted its technology to stick more closely to this new market dynamic which offers great development opportunities in Kite foil, Wind foil, Surf oil, Sup foil, Wing foil.
Our Ultralight project started in this context with the development of a whole new technology, the AlpineFoil AIR technology which will allow AlpineFoil to offer you both ultra light foils and extremely rigid and solid foils totally adapted for new practices. emerging from Wing foil, Surf foil and Sup foil and satisfy freeride, wave and Big Air enthusiasts.

Customer Review of KiteFoil Rave with Wave wing 1200

By On 13/12/2019

We share with you 2 nice feedback with the Kite Foil Rave and Wave 1200. 2 experiments signed  by Raf Ladin with the Board FS2 and Fabien Gauthier with the Pocket FS3-XS 2020.
Raf is with the board FS2 and Fabien with the pocket FS3-XS 2020. 

Thanks to them. 



Test fabien gauthier rave wave 1200


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Discover the Kite Foil AlpineFoil Access V3.5 - Unboxing

By On 06/12/2019

A brief presentation of the latest Alpine Foil Kite Foil Aluminum: The Access V3.5
Since the first version of the Access, EVERYTHING has changed except the color and the screws resulting in a remarkable foil that will accompany you for a long time.

The Access V3.5 is the choice of a sustainable purchase with an ultra-scalable product thanks to the compatibility of all the wings and masts carbon mast upgrade. It is also the choice of Made in France with a follow-up and a reactive SAV and all the maintenance that one can bring to its foil.

All the details in picture with this video presentation of the Access V3.5 as you will receive it at home with bonus tips and instructions for assembly and start well with your kite foil. 

New 2020 - Kite Foil, Windfoil The new RACE M 580

By On 28/11/2019

Chance of the calendar this release coincides with the black Friday so we made you a little bonus

The Race M 580 is entering the Race wing range. Perfectly suited for Kitefoil and Windfoil.

Aile Kitefoil / Windfoil - RACE 580 BLACK FRIDAY

The Race M 580 is entering the Race wing range. Perfectly suited for Kitefoil and Windfoil.
Light wind, strong wind, stability, speed and ease of piloting. It's the perfect compromise if you do not have a Race Wing yet.
Enjoy it, it ends at the end of the weekend

Full details on the features of this new kitefoil and windfoil Race kite

The Race M 580 is entering the Race wing range. Perfectly suited for Kitefoil and Windfoil.
Light wind, strong wind, stability, speed and ease of piloting. It's the perfect compromise if you do not have a Race Wing yet.
Enjoy it, it ends at the end of the weekend

Full details on the features of this new kitefoil and windfoil Race kite

Graphique comparatif aile aile alpinefoil race eng2

Raid WinFoil Toulon - La Rade - St Mandrier

By On 18/11/2019

Congratulations to Gautier Guichard for his participation in the raid Windfoil Toulon-La rade - St Mandrier to îles des deux frères- Cap de Carquieranne
A new great performance in Windfoil and especially a lot of fun for Gautier who has traveled 70 km in 20nds last weekend on the event organized by the French Windfoil Association.
Gautier, rider AlpineFoil, was equipped for this occasion with Windfloil Alu A1 mounted with the ULW 1200 and the new Board 2020 AWF3 215 x 78 128 liters. Gautier obviously took a lot of fun with this combo which was perfectly adapted for this raid and which confirms the possibilities offered by the ULW 1200 at the same time in low range, upwind, navigation in the strong winds, control and speed of displacement high.

Thank you Gautier for your return in pictures and especially CONGRATULATIONS  to you.

Windfoil alpinefoil alu a1 1200

Windfoil alpinefoil alu a1 1200 awf3


Capture d ecran 2019 11 09 a 22 26 59




Customer reviews kitefoil Alpinefoil Rave - VR6 2020

By On 07/11/2019

The little shot of Peps at AlpineFoil this week ... We do not regret having cracked.

We wanted to share with you the return of a customer following the purchase of his AlpineFoil Rave.
It is this type of return that makes you want to continue to develop products and to believe in our Made in France production. The goal for us is to satisfy our customers more and more about the quality and especially the pleasure of skiing.
Our explanations and the attention we strive at best to bring to each customer, to advise him on the best adapted product is really the philosophy and the little more that we try to bring.

Patrice thank you for this good boost for the team who wishes you a good progress with your new toy.

«Patrice The 04/11/2019
After my first foil a lot of hesitation before moving to a new product
Call to ALPINEFOIL conseil by Damien CHABOUD directly
Decide to go there on the occasion of a trip to see the products in the showroom (I needed to see the products)
Welcome by Damien CHABOUD directly and true debacle on the products Alpinefoil ... but I would not have had, I cracked: Purchase a rave associated with the board VR6 2020 (yes, I broke my piggy bank and it is true that I hesitated between the access carbon and VR5)
Well I must say that I was good wall and the finish is top with a bonus visit of the factory
Back in the Atlantic Loire with the combo and test in complicated conditions on the first two outputs, a lot of waves and current, disappointment .... Call to Alpinefoil for adjustments and advice. Damien even confirms the placement of the straps and calles and even propose settings if I want to find the same behavior as my old foil but remains on these initial advice and settings, and he was right
New test last week and it's gone live. impressive, all the advice proved to be accurate. Now it's up to me to progress because far from the capabilities of the machine in any case see the photo no equivalent in terms of finish and evolution (it's just a killer to watch) to follow but super happy from my investment I look forward to trying it now in very light conditions to see how far we can go with it. To be continued...

Kitefoil rave avis client patrice b moyen

Kitefoil rave avis client patrice b2 moyen

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Kitefoil mast manufacturing made in France

By On 23/10/2019

A small video of the machining of the new foil carbon mast in 80 cm, the future version of the Kitefoil Rave Carbon 80 cm.
Indeed, this mast will delight fans of freeride and carving waves. Anymore, perfectly adaptable on the current Kitefoil Rave but also on Kitefoils Titanium and Ultimate. This mast will also be a good starting point for the Wingfoil and Supfoil and thus makes the Rave compatible with the Wingfoil practice with the 1200, 1700 and 2200 wings!

Available for pre-order now - contact us for more information.

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Presentation of the new Kitefoil Access Carbon 2019

By On 22/10/2018

Hugo Chaboud presents the latest model Access Carbon 2019! Perfomant, light, manageable, accessible, this kitefoil has everything to seduce you. Featuring the latest technologies of the brand AlpineFoil including the now famous sacrificial anode.
This kitefoil is now supplied with the front wing Lift which was the great success of the year 2018 and will now equip all our foils. Indeed, AlpineFoil wants to offer to all its customers the comfort in navigation, a low wind start and increased stability thanks to this new wing Lift.

All the details on the Access Carbon 2019 in the video!

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Result from the test of a sacrificial anode during one season

By On 17/10/2018

A few months ago, we introduced the revolutionary SACS system to the Hydrofoil Community. This sacrificial anode has been tested during all this season long in seawater and works perfectly! 

Thanks to this great result, we are now sure that this system must absolutely equip the whole range of kitefoils and windfoils. AlpineFoil is the only hydrofoil maker able to provide a sacrificial anode that increases drastically the durability of foils and guarantees the ultimate performances for years. Our goal is to provide the best product to our customer and that's why we innovate continuously.

For this reason, AlpineFoil is proud to equip all the new kitefoils and windfoils 2019 with the sacrificial anode. These foils are already available on the web store or in our partners' stores.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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Presentaion of the range Windfoil A1 and the Board AWF2 by AlpineFoil

By On 17/10/2018

Meeting with the AlpineFoil Team, they tell us all the useful information about the new WindFoil product range with the presentation of the A1 aluminum and A1 Carbon as well as the new AWF2 windfoil convertible windsurf board.

Damien, Hugo and Steeve explain their vision of windfoil and their feelings in navigation. You will know everything on the different technologies used on these new products such as the sacrificial anode, the different carbon finishes, the materials used as well as the recovery plates.



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engie kitetour french cup

By On 02/10/2018

This year again, the alpinefoil team has been working on the kitetour gear for the sixth year in a row.
But what is the Alpinefoil team?
(Following the report definition of the team seen by Hugo;))

Report from Marseille:

Magnificent end of the kitetour engie in Marseille on the beach of Prado with 13 races run in foil in varied conditions,  light wind on the first day and a tonic south-east on Saturday.
the Alpinefoil team occupies the first two places in men's masters on stage after great battles on the water (Jean Francois Blachon 2nd, Damien Chaboud 1st).

In girls, we note the progression of Caroline Prince and Lauriane Nolot who occupy the third and second steps of the podium behind Alexia Fancelli. In the female master category, 1st place remains faithful to Fleur Chalot on the french cup and the stage.
For the overall classification of the french cup, a big congratulations to Emmanuel Deronzier who wins at the end of the three stages. The podium is completed by Benjamin Rade in third place who has shown its potential this season.
Congratulations also to Hugo Chaboud who finishes 5th overall and 4th in senior, to Benoit Billet who slams some very good races at the top of the list with his supersonic speed and his position on the foil always relaxed , to Fabrice Delegue for his acceleration (on wish him good luck for the championship of France F41), Nicolas Siaud for his beautiful 6th place in senior general on three stages.
Congratulations to Jean Pascal Isabello for his good humor and his fights on the water, Jean Bellon the "almost local" stage, Jean Yves Fievet for his first participation and Christopher Lano for his smile on the water .

I hope I have not forgotten anyone.
Finally thanks to the organization of cities and local associations, engie and ffvl without whom these adventures would not exist.

Definiton team alpinefoil: (seen by Hugo:))

This team of competitors a little atypical, is above all a family, a group of friends where everyone often combines, family life, professional life and passions to find the weekend around a good session of foil but not only;)

This team is above all the good excuse to spend time together:
on a bike, on skis, under a paraglider or even around a nice cold beer after the session.
It is characterized by different personalities but which complement each other to enrich the whole team.
The races are individual but the team is welded, always there to re-motivate, help each other, give the little advice that advances and manage the shots worse.
Where there is a problem, there is a solution and the toolbox of the Alpinefoil team is full of resources:)

Finally, the team understood this well: it is by supporting each other that we go further together.
It is also thanks to them if Alpinefoil is where it is today.42790097 1933680046937167 8543049513521119232 o42851596 1933679810270524 8612158462186487808 o42857460 1933679856937186 3387670779163312128 o42911712 1933679763603862 1733328657545428992 o42854505 1933542073617631 5347998826353393664 o42887313 1933540350284470 1129156097643380736 o
Running a hydrofoil business is not an easy task, but it is with this desire to improve every day a little more all the products, to satisfy every driver and all the friends around the world, that Alpinefoil likes to develop a whole range of products accessible to all and efficient.
The goal is that an Alpinefoil pilot can, with the same foil, by simply changing the front wing, to test all the disciplines related to the foil (wave, speed, freeride, adventure, ..) and why not join us on an event .
It is always a great pleasure to share, with the users, without whom none of this would be possible.

AlpineFoil on the French news !

By On 29/08/2018

The brand AlpineFoil has been on the french TV news ! It allows a good visibility for our sport and it can democratize it for a large public. 


The new pack Origin + VR3 convertible foilboard is now available !

By On 03/07/2018

The AlpineFoil's family is growing fast and here is the new baby ! The Origin combined with the board VR3 convertible into surfkite is THE combo of this summer 2018 !

Small introduction with some images....

Damien Chaboud's interview by WindFoil Zone

By On 04/05/2018

Interview with Damien Chaboud of AlpineFoil

AlpineFoil is a renowned French kitefoiling brand based out of the Alps who is known for specializing in the design and manufacture of carbon, aluminium and titanium kitefoils for kitesurfing and foil windsurfing. For this upcoming season, AlpineFoil has been innovating yet again and finally launches its first range devoted to windfoil the Windfoil A1 Aluminium and the Windfoil A1 Carbon!

Windfoil Zone will test and review AlpineFoil A1 soon, but in the meantime, we have asked the founder, Damien Chaboud, to answer a few questions to know a little bit more about the brand, its vision and its products.

Name: Damien Chaboud      
Age: 46
Citizenship: French
Home spot: Monteynard Lake, France (Lac de Monteynard)
Profession: AlpineFoil’s founder and CEO

Windfoil Zone: Damien, thanks for answering our questions! Could you give us a little glimpse into your personal life?
I have a strong passion for everything which glides and flies! In the past, I have had the opportunity to try paragliding, then windsurfing, followed by all kinds of foiling activities since 2005.
I come from the industrial world and have an engineering background, which allowed me to acquire knowledge on composite materials and the necessary rigor in industrial processes to develop products.
This experience enabled me to master all aspects of product manufacturing and design in order to reach a high-quality level, which also meets my own standards and requirements.

WZ: Tell us about the AlpineFoil adventure? How did it start and where are you today?
Like many industrial success stories, everything started out one evening after work in a garage, where I used to make my own gear to sail so that I could get out and sail with my friends on the weekends. After that, I was asked to make some foils for my friends and then that progressed to making them for friends of friends…, and that is how it all got started.

We finally started our company in 2013, with a new building site and a production team to meet the growing demand. In 2017, we produced about 500 hydrofoils in our production plant. We are still a small company with a family culture, which makes premium hydrofoils made in France.
AlpineFoil’s development follows the sales evolution and our way of working is improving at the same time. This year, we integrated two new robots into our production in order to make the sanding of the foils easier for our employees. The goal is to free them from this tedious task so that they can focus on having a flawless finish on the products.

In 2018, AlpineFoil built the first factory in the world 100% dedicated to foil manufacturing. This is a new step in the company’s development, as this will allow us to increase our production capacity and continue to develop the technology aspect of our hydrofoils.

WZ: Kitefoiling has been around for a few years already, and like several other kite brands, AlpineFoil is now developing into windfoiling. Tell us why you’re moving in this direction and how your brand vision differs from others.
As I mentioned before, I have been windsurfing for many years before moving to kitesurfing, and I have always loved the unique sensations windsurfing gives. When I saw the possibility to build a performant windfoil, it just made logical sense to get involved with the development of this amazing sport. We could use our many years of experience in the hydrofoil world to offer a high-quality range of windfoils for windsurfers. Our windfoils benefit from the expertise of the company and all the patented technology developed by AlpineFoil, such as the “sacrificial anode”. (Aluminium is unfortunately susceptible to corrosion in the saline marine environment. After intense research, AlpineFoil has found a cure that completely revolutionizes aluminium windfoil: SACS-technology (Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System), developed and patented by AlpineFoil, an ultra-efficient anti-corrosion system.)

Since the early days of AlpineFoil in my garage 13 years ago, my motto has always been to achieve excellence both for the glide and for the design of our products. We realise that mostly all foils are working, but rare are those that allow you to fly with real comfort, stability, and high performance in terms of speed. To do this, nothing can be left to chance. At AlpineFoil, we seek perfection in every detail, on the choice of materials, in our manufacturing techniques, and in the final finishing of our products, no matter the product range. Our company tries to combine the high-level precision of industrial technologies with the flexibility of a craft company at best. This is what differentiates us from the large companies on the market.

WZ: You have recently launched the A1 windfoil concept, with both alloy and carbon construction. Would you tell us a bit more about the foil and its modular concept?
The windfoil A1’s concept is clear: design a modular and scalable windfoil, as efficient as possible in order to give the rider a regular progression. The idea is to start from a foil at the top of the range and then make a more affordable version with an aluminium mast, while keeping the features of the premium version.
With this modularity concept, we wanted to offer the aluminium foil with 4 different types of foil heads: Tuttle, Deep Tuttle, Powerbox, and Plate, so that it can be adapted to wide variety of boards. AlpineFoil has established a reputation as a quality supplier in the kitefoil industry thanks to our advanced technologies, and we want to continue in the same direction when it comes to windfoiling.


WZ: Windfoiling is still very young. How do you see the future of windfoiling? Just a trend or a true revolution in modern windsurfing?

It will become a new standard, for sure. We have already seen this in the kitesurf industry. Windsurfing was a revolution in the 80’s, then kitesurfing in the 2000’s, kitefoiling became a commercial success in 2010, and now it is windfoiling’s turn to create its revolution!
Many former windsurfers, as myself, will come back to the sport to try and experience the foiling advantages. This is definitely a true revolution in which we are proud to be a part of!

WZ: Damien, thank you for answering our questions. The last word is yours. Do you have anything to add to finish off this interview?

My grandfather often said to me “why settle for ‘just ok’ when perfection is at hand?”
Today, this is the vision which guides our company.

Thanks to Windfoil Zone for all the work you do!

NB! Stocks of AlpineFoil A1 are limited due to a high demand.

Please check the amazing website of WindFoil Zone which is the bible of WindFoil :

Test Kiteboarder Magazine

By On 04/05/2018

An amazing test of our products in the french Kiteboarder Magazine ! 

They say that the Access V3 is the best aluminium foil on the current market, the ultimate has been called "Jewel", and the VR5 has got an amazing rate of 19/20...

For those who have some knowledge in french, here is the article !

Test kiteboarder

Video Windfoil AlpineFoil on the Lake of Monteynard

By On 16/04/2018

After some images by the new windfoil Alpinefoil aluminum and carbon, here is a first video to discover these new windfoil there action were shot during the last weekends on the lake of Monteynard, Steave Lyne and louvet Anne honored us with making out a will our products, in sometimes whimsical conditions (10 / 30 knots), the stability and the accessibility of the new windfoil alpinefoil allowed nevertheless to realize beautiful images. On the other hand of very beautiful condition of lake allowed steave to navigate in little air the last weekend

Consecration: AlpineFoil, winner of the French Cup 2017

By On 24/10/2017

        After winning the 2016 French Championship, the Team AlpineFoil does it again by winning the 2017 Engie Kite Tour French Cup. We warmly thank the entire Team for the numerous podiums obtained during these 4 stages.  

Kitefoil windfoil alpinefoil 220151 1           

        This consecration is due to a team ultra welded, friendly, always motivated and ready to take up all the challenges, but also to an outcome of the development of AlpineFoil products.

Alpinefoil Factory - Kitefoil & Windfoil carbon - Made in France

By On 08/10/2017

The Alpinefoil factory, the French know-how in the manufacturing of kitefoil Carbon aluminum and Titanium, for a unique quality choose the made in France.

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Incredible performance KiteFoil : 6 Podiums for Team AlpineFoil

By On 02/10/2017

On the occasion of the 3rd stage of the French Cup ENGIE Kite Tour 2017 (of 09/29 in 10/01 in Port-Saint-Louis), we are anxious to thank warmly all Team AlpineFoil which moved in number, as well as the DMC club, the FFLV and all the volunteers for the organization. 


Kitefoil alpinefoil team engie kitetour 10

Video Windfoil AlpineFoil on the Lake of Monteynard

By On 30/07/2017

After some images by the new windfoil Alpinefoil aluminum and carbon, here is a first video to discover these new windfoil there action were shot during the last weekends on the lake of Monteynard, Steave Lyne and louvet Anne honored us with making out a will our products, in sometimes whimsical conditions (10 / 30 knots), the stability and the accessibility of the new windfoil alpinefoil allowed nevertheless to realize beautiful images. On the other hand of very beautiful condition of lake allowed steave to navigate in little air the last weekend

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Test of Windfoil Alpinefoil at Monteynard Lake

By On 11/07/2017

A few additional images during the Alpinefoil windfoil tests in the Aluminum and Carbon version and the Alpinefoil Windfoil ULW900 wing

Windfoil alpinefoil 0017

NEW WINDFOIL and windfoil board sur foil AWF1

By On 10/07/2017

Img 5312


After 2 years of test Alpinefoil is happy to present his new windfoil and the alpinefoil board AWF1 
The new windfoil is availaible in different setting : Aluminium mast or carbon mast.
The windfoil Wing carbon is specially design for light windfoil and a maximum of accessibility. Aluminium version is availaible in 60 cm 80 cm and carbon version in 95 cm the box is Tuttle , Deep Tuttle , plate , probox with a Aluminum plate adjustable to come perfectly in contact with the bottom of the windsurf board .

Contact us for ordering. First set availaible 20 of july




By On 27/06/2017


The big champion Alex Caizergues ,Faster man of the word on water just take the decision to ride on the new Alpinefoil Kitefoil Titanium 2017 and with the Sc RACE M wing.  First try with It Alex take 37.9 knots with this foil and this wing. It promise a lot for the next

Alpinefoil Team is so happy of this decision.



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Last stage of the Championship Speed Crossing at Almanarre - October 2016

By On 05/11/2016

The team came Alpinefoil enjoy the last stage of the Speed Crossing of France championship in Almanarre.

14612603 893518857415365 6762866074587672849 o 1

A final step is rich in performance with the bonus of a double title of France Speed Crossing #champion for Team Alpinefoil thanks to our two sports, Fleur Chalot and Benoit Billet in master class
Congratulations to both of them for this performance. Not only our two champions eventually won the final stage of Almanarre but all of them end up champion France on four stages in their respective categories on new #kitefoil #Alpinefoil 5.0 Ultimate. Congratulations to both !!!

14681043 892992530801331 6019678493728184387 o

1 st place - man - master class : Benoit Billet

14682006 892991854134732 2966915448751985108 o

1 st place - women - master class : Fleur Chalot

14612570 892992034134714 7236691901416214776 o

Note also a beautiful performance of Hugo Chaboud that ends at the 5 place in junior class
The entire team wishes to thank all participants, volunteers and organizers for the work and investment provided throughout the year on the championship of France, thank you to you :)

Alpinefoil sur la 3ème Etape du Championnat de Speed Crossing à Wimereux

By On 12/09/2016

The 3rd stage of the France championship speed crossing in Wimereux has held all its promises. 8 rounds traveled, wind sustained over two days with a beautiful participation of national riders, including Team Alpinefoil present on the event rewarding us two new podium.

Congratulations to Fleur CHALOT that ends in women directional.

We wish to congratulate Benoit BILLET  for his perseverance who finishes 1st veteran directional

Our two other riders, Nicolas WOJNACKI and Manu DERONZIER ends at the podium veteran of the door but nothing let go at the last stage of the speed crossing in 2016 to be held in early October Almanarre. Congratulations to the team Alpinefoil who has represented this event.