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Here are some live video link with Foilboard AlpineFoil.

good discovery

AlpineFoil equiped with the famous XLP Wing (Xtra Large Program ) offer you the possibilitie to go in the extreme ligh wind like no other foilboard on the market. A little foilboard video will help you to discover how it is possible to ride in between 2.5 to 5,5 knots of wind with a standard tube kite 14 sqm with standard line 23 m long

KITEFOIL Alpinefoil ULTRA LIGHT WINDS 2.5 knots - 5,5 knots from damchab on Vimeo.



HQ Savines from Boulgakow on Vimeo.

Une nouvelle vidéo Corsica Kitefoil, de super moment de glisse dans un lieu incroyable


Alpinefoil and spare board from Boulgakow on Vimeo.

Mont-Cenis Hydrofoil from Boulgakow on Vimeo.




AlpineFoil French manufacturer kitefoil, just finished testing its new wing design for racing Kitefoil Alpinefoil 4.5

This new high performance wing with its unique design is called

Race Wing H.E.L.D High Efficiency Low Drag

It will allow you to change your current foil to high performance while maintaining the same ease of control.

The specifications for this competition wing is as follows

Get the best speed / ratio heading, the best rise to the wind as possible

The highest speed possible with ease and excellent stability.

Many wings Race does not have a good upwind, or fail to maintain high speeds for a long time which is essential in Race.


KITEFOIL Race Wing H.E.L.D by AlpineFoil from damchab on Vimeo.



A new video Kitefoil Corsica, super time slips into an incredible place

AlpineFoil Corsica Kitefoil from damchab on Vimeo.

Thank you to Richard Francis for these beautiful videos embedded dynamic flight over water

A fantastic feeling as a flying carpet above the water.