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Feedback Customer Alpinefoil Access 5.0

On 21/07/2015

Customer feedback on the Access 5.0:

Here are the first customer return on Access 5.0 fired website Kitefoil forum:

Message Benoit Miquel July 6, 2015

Hi everybody.
For those who know me, this is the "Seagull".
And yes, I started to foil: but eh quiet because it is not obvious !!

Then it is 4 times that I wrinkled foil, and I had the occassion to test it 3 models:
- ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0 (alu)
- KETOS by Orana

3 of these tests, I spring with a huge banana with the ALPINE FOIL Access 5.0.
Model with aluminum mast and fuselage.
I am at my 4th session of foil, but phew thing what I could do with alpine.
Super stable and rigid: the blow when you take a lot of speed, the foil remains super super stable compared to others.
Adaptable light wind wing or wing more efficient.

In short, easy glide, great instinctive, like a little toy for beginners like me or others that send fadas serious (dedicated to Hugo and Romain !!!).

What else to say on this foil ... oh yes the board. Pfff ... AT TOP, not big, not too small, the straps made in alpine 'were great !! I enjoyed the config 2 straps to the front and then the back foot V strapless !!
Anyway, I'm not a crack but there's not surfing, I gets off this my session with ACCESS 5.0 made by Damien Chaboud !!

I think (and even that's for sure), I'll take one!
Because I already know the team well ALPINEFOIL and they were great to me (counseling, testing etc.). Then, have a great foil perfo 'but equally accessible and finally downright moin expensive than full carbon (€ 1000 moin, what we done for € 1095) !!

Cheers everyone and soon on (above) the water!

The Seagull

Jm33 message of July 13, 2015

"I had the chance to try it last Sunday foil, after trying the Manta few weeks ago, the AlpineFoil gave me much more good feelings that the Manta.
Already in terms of robustness, junction mat / fuselage is much more rigid, no game like the Manta, fixings wing and stab with the same feeling ... The whole is still very heavy, taking to wear dt even to maneuver in the water, but the water start sent the clear impression is that of having always been able to find out the foil so the stability is HUGE! (that said I liked the Manta side stability).

He does not move and it has all the appearance including downwind, no breakdown detected during the test. Dt suitable speed softness in pides although I felt the inertia of the board.
A perfect foil for learning or for freeride, I think we must quickly master the "airjibe" and so transfers the foil is easy! To be confirmed by another test longer ... "

Serialkiler05 message of July 13, 2015

Testing the Access 5.0 yesterday with the wing freeride, I had already tried with the wing sports during the friendly.
Heavy to go to the water, then it is forgotten. Sensation stability at all speeds, easier curve with the sport. Max very easy to reach (well mine because I think we can go faster). Immediate feeling of gliding.
Clearly a very good freeride foil with perfs at least as much carbon foil.

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AlpineFoil won the special prize of the contest INOSPORT 2014

On 13/06/2014

Kitefoil alpinefoil 8637 1

Yesterday June 12, 2014 was held the award ceremony of the contest sporting innovations INOSPORT 2014

a consecration for Alpine Design the founding company of the AlpineFoil brand.

31 sports brands competed, little known small or large groups such prestigious companies: SOLOMON JULBO, WED'ZE (Decathlon), Lafuma OUTDOOR, BABOLAT were all on the same line to defend their innovation and expertise.

An expert jury

Product candidates Inosport Awards 2014 were analyzed by a jury of professionals innovation and sport / leisure / health and science sector.

ARDI - Regional Development Agency and innovation

Bpifrance - Public Investment Bank

CRIS - Centre for Research and Innovation on Sport

Les Ateliers - National School of Industrial Creation

FIFAS - French Federation of sports and leisure industries

INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property

LETI - Institute for Research on micro and nano technologies CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies)

Outdoor Experts - Magazine winter sports and outdoor

Voironnais country - urban community organizer Inosport

Sporaltec-Cluster Rhônalpin professionals sport / leisure sector

SPORTéco - Professional Journal for sports shops

Alpine Design therefore won the special prize awarded by the Innosport Pay Voironais it particularly grateful. This second innovation award is a stepping stone for us to grow our business and recognition by professional sports environment

TV document and article

Kitefoil alpinefoil 8652 1

Kitefoil alpinefoil 8609 1

Kitefoil alpinefoil 8684 1

AlpineFoil Kitefoil Show Room

On 28/03/2014

It left for the season AlpineFoil showroom is in place, final check before shipping to the four corners of the planet.

Show Room KiteFoil

Hydrofoil kite foil alpinefoil dch 3634

Hydrofoil kite foil alpinefoil dch 3631

AlpineFoil first innovation award 2013 Artinov

On 20/11/2013

On November 14, a special evening was held at the Chamber of Trade Isère, awards innovation competition Artinov 2013

an unforgettable evening for AlpineFoil team Alpine Design was awarded first prize in the product category, for AlpineFoil. the culmination of four years of research and development

Innovation Awards competition Artinov 2013

an unforgettable evening for AlpineFoil team, Alpine Design Awarded first prize WAS in the product category, for AlpineFoil. the culmination of four years of research and development.

the awards to Artinov been a TV show to be aired on TV Grenoble


Kitefoil: Championship France 2013 Speed ​​Crossing

On 04/11/2013


AlpineFoil two find themselves in the top fives in the final of the Championship of France speed crossing veterans Arcachon.

Jean Francois Blachon finished fifth with his sails and freeride Aeros Alpinefoil provided the wing foil serial XLP (Xtra Large Program).

Damien Chaboud when its finished on the podium in 3rd place.