AlpineFoil Finishes


The AlpineFoil quality

The different types of finish we propose:

Standard finish

The standard finish is the finish proposed for the Origin, Access and Windfoil A1 Alu wings. The carbon fiber used being woven, it reveals porosities at its crossings. To remedy this, the wing is sanded, then a layer of matte varnish is applied. The wing is then sanded at 2.000 with water to ensure a better glide. This finish leaves about 20% apparent porosities.

RT matte finish

RT matte finish is the default finish for all high-end foils: Rave, Ultimate, Titanium and Windfoil A1 Carbon. The RTeam finish is the guarantee of quality made in France of exception. In order to obtain a high performance glide, an operator applies 5 layers of varnish on the wings, and between each of them, he sands down at a grain thinner and thinner. Thus the porosities are progressively filled. A sanding at 2,000 with water is then done for an optimal glide. This finish leaves only 5% of porosities.


Rteam matte

RT gloss Race finish

The RT gloss finish is an ultra high performance finish available as an option. This high quality Made in France finish is mainly designed for competitive foils and riders who have reached the limits of a matte RT foil. Seven layers of gloss varnish are applied to the wing and sanded thoroughly. Between each layer, the porosities are progressively reduced and we sand with a grain thinner and thinner to finish at 2.000 then to 3.000 with water. At the last moment, the wing is polished with a polishing paste of 16,000. This finish leaves almost no porosity (less than 1%). So AlpineFoil keeps the promise to offer the rider an extreme ride that he will not find anywhere else.

Rteam gloss 1
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