The SACS system

The sacrificial anode: an innovation by AlpineFoil

Since 2018, all AlpineFoil aluminum fuselages have a sacrificial anode. The SACS (Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System) provides an ultra-efficient solution against the corrosion of aluminum. AlpineFoil is the first manufacturer in the world to offer foils equipped with this technology.

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This solution from nautism (engines and hulls of boats, for example) makes it possible to concentrate the corrosion on this sacrificial anode which one we will have to replace once deteriorated. The effectiveness of these anodes is such that today it allows many boats (fishing, tourism, ...) to navigate without any protection against corrosion. This is the case of silver gray raw aluminum boats that can be seen in some ports.

The principle of the sacrificial anode is to use a piece with a metal whose electrical potential is very low. The foil circulating in salt water (conductive) will behave like an electric battery. The anode will then give its ions instead of aluminum and will corrode in priority.


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