Kitefoil Championship - France speed crossing 2013

kitefoil Race



The last stage of the Championship of France Speed ​​Crossing just ended. A perfect organization, a beautiful setting, the wind and the runners came in numbers (72 registered) of the four corners of France for this step of Arcachon. The 3 days of racing planned two days have validated a total of 7 innings, one was canceled. sleeves are perfectly held in a friendly atmosphere and a wind oscillating from 10 to 25 knots

The balance sheet of the championship of France, Alpinefoil is able to show its expertise in design and versatility We have shown as accessibility could rhyme with performance.

Two AlpineFoil therefore find themselves in the top fives in the final of the Championship of France speed crossing veterans Arcachon. Jean Francois Blachon finished fifth with his sails and freeride Aeros Alpinefoil provided the wing foil serial XLP (Xtra Large Program).

Indeed, the extreme versatility of the wing foil XLP allows you to start and run in competition without having to invest in specific sails for the race.

Damien Chaboud when its finished on the podium in 3rd place despite its low experience in competition.

In the championship of France of 4 steps, Fréjus (absent), Festikite Montpellier, Wimereux and Arcachon he finished sixth in French veteran despite his absence during a step.


Classification Cht-EN-Arcachon-veteran-homme.pdf Cht-EN-Arcachon-vh.pdf

Ranking the 4 steps: 2013scvh.pdf Cht-2013-FR-scvh.pdf







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