COMPACT BAG OPTION -40€ Foil + Bag Purchase

Ultra compact Windfoil and Kitefoil transport cover Ideal for travelling or transporting your foil in a minimum volume Compatible: Ezee/ Origin/ Access/ Rave/ Ultimate/ Zenos Revo/ A1 Alu/ A1 Carbon/ A1 Sport

New Model 2022 - Largest with wing slot type Régata 1100/ 850 ULW 1200, well suited for WIndfoil
new internal location for Windfoil mat 

Ultra compact, padded travel foil cover, ideal for traveling or carrying your foil in a minimum volume.

4 compartmentalized areas, wings, mast, fuselage. Screw pocket and mounting key + 2 accessory pockets (footstraps, fins...).
Fabrics Cordura polyester 600 deniers, double carbon zip finish. 

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-40 € Avec/With Foil

169.00€ 129.00€ inc. tax

reduction of 40.00€

Kitefoil travel bag ultra-compact housse Kitefoil Windfoil Alpinefoil ultra compacte

kitefoil windfoil housse compact de transport

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