M6 M8 T-Nuts US Rail OPTION

T-Nuts M6 & M8 (not supplied) compatible for US Rail self-locking screws Quantity : x4
Compatible with any brand: AlpineFoil, F-One, Duotone, Moses, Fanatic, Starboard, Axis, Zeeko, ...


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kitefoil hydrofoil alpinefoil WINDFOIL FOIL VISSERIE

An innovation by Alpinefoil.

COMPATIBLE with all the boards and foils of the market. (Wingfoil, Kitefoil, surf foil,) multi-brand : Alpinefoil, Fanatic, F-One, Duotone, Moses, Cabrinha, Zeeko, Axis, ...
whether the plate of your foil uses M6 or M8 these T-nuts are compatible thanks to their two threads M6 and M8 (However due to the great diversity of foils using M8, we do not supply M8 screws for our T-nuts)

These T-nuts have been specially designed to facilitate the installation of the 4-hole stage in the US rails of your board.

Who hasn’t lost their T-nuts in the sand at least once?

Who hasn’t spent 10 minutes trying to match the holes in the turntables with the holes in the T-nuts?

Who hasn’t lost their foil positioning settings on the board?

Forget all these constraints, the AlpineFoil nuts have been designed to solve all these problems.

What does it actually bring?

  • The rear rail nut slides with the front nut at the same time (ideal when you want to change your settings without wasting 10 minutes to make everything coincide)
  • Once the nuts are connected, they cannot be removed from the rail, they cannot be lost during transport
  • Possibility to lock a position of the foil on the board that suits you (you no longer lose its settings with each disassembly of the foil)
  • Double thread nut M6 and M8 compatible with all foils on the market: AlpineFoil M6, F-One M6, Duotone M8, Fanatic M8 etc..

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