Wing - DK 1240 New

Surface: 1790 cm²
Span: 1240 mm
Rope: 180 mm
Aspect Ratio: 8.6
Profile: DK
Wing 100% carbon 

Pump foiling / Wingfoil / Sup Foil / Downwind / Pumping / DockStart 

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alpinefoil Carbon WINDFOIL LIGHT WIND wingfoil DW

Designed and manufactured by AlpineFoil in France, after almost a year in the making, we're delighted to finally present our new dockstart kite, the DK 1240. Our aim with this first dockstart kite was to design a kite that would be accessible to beginners as well as experienced sailors. It allows you to start from a pontoon with very little speed, and even to do standing starts.

The specifications for this DK 1240 are as follows:

  • Enabling as many people as possible to learn to dock start, whether you're light or heavy, young or old.
  • Limit the frequency of pumping to avoid excessive fatigue.
  • Low drag despite very low speed capability.
  • Good manoeuvrability for catching the foil when you make mistakes on the board.
  • Good low-speed, low-drag ratio.
  • Can be used as a SUP downwind for learning to practice.
  • Can be used as a wing foil for super light winds.

The DK1240, derived from the PM1218 proto, is finally in production. A few improvements have been made since the last proto:

  • The wingspan has been increased slightly, from 1218 mm to 1240 mm, with the same surface area.
  • The Aspect Ratio is higher.
  • The wingtips have been reworked and refined.
  • A new arch with a more pronounced double dihedral to increase longitudinal stability and facilitate cornering.

In Dockstart, this is the wing that will allow you to discover the activity even if you're not a beginner. The DK1240 will help you forgive your mistakes and pick up where you left off, even if you're not in frequency. The feedback from the wing is immediate, which makes it easier for you to feel the effects of the pressure you apply to the board and to learn more quickly.

For beginners, it will give you time to breathe and catch your breath once you've got the hang of it. In SUP foil downwind, the kite takes off almost immediately, even with very small bumps. It's ideal for learning or just having fun and surfing without a lot of experience. The glide is still very good, with good speed and stability.

1920 dk1240 hawk v3 78 titane carbone 9231


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