Wing - DW1180 New

Surface: 1180 cm²
Span: 940 mm
Rope: 159
Aspect Ratio: 8.33
Profile: DW
Wing 100% carbon 

Wingfoil / Windfoil / Freefly / Surf Foil / Sup Foil / Downwind / Pumping / DockStart 

Monday to Thursday 8h-12h 14h-19h - Friday 8h-12h

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alpinefoil Carbon WINDFOIL LIGHT WIND wingfoil DW

Designed and manufactured by AlpineFoil in France

Description: The DW1180 kite is AlpineFoil's latest innovation, designed to offer an optimal riding experience between the DW1370 and DW980 models. It excels in swell surfing and small waves with little wind, while being ideal for freeride and cruising. Its handling, inspired by the DW980, combined with a lift close to that of the DW1370, makes the DW1180 suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced wingfoilers.

The DW1180 stands out for its tolerance of low speeds, taking off with little energy and easily relaunching at the slightest input. Its hydrodynamic DW profile offers high efficiency, transforming power into speed without loss of control, even in stronger winds. The narrow radius of curvature is similar to that of the DW980, making it ideal for downwind, winfoil and pumping.

Recommended accessory: To maximize the DW1180's performance, AlpineFoil recommends the HA 165 stabilizer, which unlocks the wing's full potential by dramatically improving handling while maintaining excellent longitudinal stability.

Versatility and Performance: Whether you're looking for surfing thrills or a leisurely sea ride, the DW1180 is the wing to meet all your expectations. Its innovative design and French quality manufacturing guarantee an unrivalled wingfoil experience. 



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