Wing - RS 600

  • Surface area: 600 cm2
  • Wingspan: 720 mm
  • rope: 110 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.7
  • Profile: RS (New for 2024)
  • Material: HR carbon + HM
  • Weight: 0.45 kg

The RS600 is the best compromise between performance and accessibility. With an aspect ratio of 8.7, a new outline, a new arch and a new profile, the RS600 HA is a foil wing designed to give you unprecedented gliding sensations. It is suitable for a wide range of foiling disciplines, including wingfoil, kitefoil and windfoil. The RS600 features the new RS 2024 profile developed by AlpineFoil 


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Accessible performance: the RS600 - HA High Aspect offers unbridled glide and top-notch high-speed stability. This is made possible by its unusual foil profile, which allows the power of the pull to be transferred into the foil while maintaining the stability of the center of thrust at limit lift incidences. The result is rapid take-off: 
15 knots in Wingfoil, 13/14 knots in Windfoil, 7/8 knots in kitefoil for a 75 kg rider. It's easy to jibe, thanks to its excellent glide, and can sail in excess of 25 knots (Wingfoil/Windfoil) with plenty of tolerance.
Stability and control: the RS600 - HA High Aspect benefits from a new RS 2024 profile that keeps the center of thrust stable at the limit of lift. This avoids the on/off effect, with the foil rising or falling in gusts, or becoming unstable at very high speeds. The HA 165 stabilizer, with its RS profile and special outline, also limits lift variations during gusts and contributes to the foil's longitudinal stability.
Versatility: the RS600 - HA High Aspect adapts to all conditions, all programs (freeride, up-wind/down-wind, slalom, wave...) and all sizes. It is compatible with all Alpinefoil foils and can be used with different types of sails (kite, wing, windsurf).
Compatible with all AlpineFoil foils: Wingfoil, Kitefoil, Wingfoil, Surf foil Alpinefoil offers unique upward compatibility. All foil wings can be fitted to all Alpinefoil foils since 2009.
Handling: with its moderate wingspan and slimmed-down wingtips, the kite offers great responsiveness in waves. The 350 mm HA165 stab provides even more unbridled behavior while maintaining excellent longitudinal stability.
CAP/Speed: the RS600 has a very high ratio of heading to speed, enabling you to gain several degrees of angle while increasing your speed on the axis.
Downwind speed: this is its strong point, as speeds are breathtaking and you can finally put the power of your sail into the foil.
Made in France: manufactured and designed in France, Alpinefoil can refurbish your wings and stabilizer in just a few days in the event of a scratch.

Test and comparison: REGATTA 580 / Race M580 / DW750 / RS600

Race M580, Regatta 580 versus RS 600 comparison:
It offers more low range, more roll stability and more Vmax, everything is much easier, the RS600 glides more, it lengthens enormously. The RS600 will have less pressure on the front foot. The 580 accelerates and then saturates the Regatta range. 

DW750 / RS600 comparison the low range is quite close, the DW750 will return more energy to the pumping the RS600 will be faster and more stable at high speed, we feel a little hard brake on the DW750 that we don't have on the RS600. 
the RS600 is even more maneuverable and unbridled, but above all the pressure on the front foot is more constant, which makes it easier to jibe at high speed. 

jibing ease is very similar between a DW750 and an RS600, with the RS600 requiring a little more speed. 


The RS600 offers the best compromise between speed, accessibility and low range. It's a new-generation foil that stands out for its innovative profile and performance. It's the fruit of research and development work carried out by Alpinefoil, a French company that has been a foil pioneer since 2007, and which has decided to produce in France in order to fully control manufacturing. Alpinefoil has built its 1,200 m2 foil factory in the French Alps. The RS600, like all Alpinefoil foils, is made in France with top-of-the-range materials, including HR and HM carbon from HEXCEL and Swiss core materials from AIREX. Available now. Don't wait any longer, order yours today to take your riding to the next level.


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Ce stabilisateur innovant utilise le profil RS, spécialement conçu pour optimiser les performances de la RS600. Il vous garantit une stabilité et une maniabilité exceptionnelles à haute vitesse, quel que soit le type d’aile de wingfoil que vous utilisez. Que vous soyez adepte de la RS600, de la DW ou de la Regatta, le stabilisateur HA-165 Boostera vos sensations !

Pour en savoir plus sur ce stabilisateur, cliquez ici.

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