WG 109 CARBONE WINGFOIL Board 5.2 x 27.5 - 109 Litres


WIngfoil VG109 board, 5.2 x 27.5 - 109 liters - Program: Beginner to confirmed, carbon epoxy sandwich construction, double US rail.

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Wingfoil board WG 109 5.2 x 27.5 - 109 Liters

"Accessibility and scalability"

Designed during the Wingfoil project, the WG109 is carried by a common DNA. Create the best possible product at the best price. the WG109 has an Epoxy carbon sandwich construction, to obtain an excellent ratio to weight stiffness and strength

The Alpinefoil team offers you a very easy board, suitable for first flights, without compromising on scalability. This Wingfoil board WG109 is both easy to learn and efficient due to its shape and construction.

Its volume of 109L and its carefully studied distribution have created a fair balance between ease, compactness and performance. The WG109 takes the characteristics of the Alpine foil shapes long tested in kitefoil. One of the peculiarities is the concave bridge which brings an extraordinary touch of the board, in fact the concave hollow bridge makes it possible to multiply the sensations at the level of the feet and to feel much more precisely the behavior of the foil. The hull has a pronounced double concave to promote take off and reduce the suction effect when touching (an air bubble allows the board to be relaunched)
the hull is particularly wide in order to favor the planing start in the light and to reduce instability when you get on the board. (overpressure of the barrel effect: the board does not roll when you climb on it)
the rails of the board are placed further forward than the majority of boards in order to be more in line with the latest generation foils and to promote take-off

The main technologies that made the success of alpinefoil Kitefoil boards have been used for this Wingfoil board, it now offers you the opportunity to progress and evolve with your board of tomorrow.


The Characteristics

  • Carbon epoxy sandwich construction (strength, weight and rigidity)
  • US standard rails more advanced to be in phase with the latest generation foils
  • Concave bridge for maximum comfort and control
  • Double concave hull for better take off and to imitate the suction effect when touching.
  • Excellent lateral and longitudinal stability thanks to a wide and flat hull which avoids the roll effect when starting with wingfoil


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