SIDEON Foil Case - 115 cm x 30 cm

"Suitcase" type cover 115 cm x 30 cm specially designed for foils with plate (HAWK / MODULAR / EZEE and foil any brand)
Excellent quality fabrics, a real DACRON 600 Deniers very thick lined with an internal foam of 8 mm (maximum protection)
very aesthetic mottled gray color

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  • Condition : new
  • Manufacturer : SIDEON


Suitcase" type cover specially designed for foils with turntable ( HAWK / MODULAR /EZEE and foils of all brands )
Excellent quality fabric, a very thick 600 Denier DACRON lined with 8 mm internal foam (maximum protection)
gray mottled color, very aesthetic, the foil fits perfectly in the width of a transom,

the bag is ideal for travelling, whether by plane, car or train, thanks to its high-quality protection and compact size.

1 specific place for the turntable mast with independent zipped pocket
1 zipped place for fuselage with independent pocket
1 big pocket to put a stabilizer
1 special pocket, screws, key and tools
The cover allows to contain 3 or 4 wings including big size wings like the DW1680 of 109 cm.

Alpinefoil recommends this cover for all foils,

We advise you to dismantle your foil after each use, as this will really prolong its life, especially if you're in salt water.
I needed less than 5 minutes with a small Parkside screwdriver costing 30 euros to completely dismantle your foil. You can leave this little screwdriver in the cover.

Alpinefoil foils are designed to be dismantled as many times as you like without any risk of damage;

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