Combo Pack Kitefoil EZEE + VR3 Foil Board

EZEE 1000 kitefoil pack (discontinued) + VR3 foilboard surfkite 2022 convertible (small misalignment on the stabilizer holes, imperceptible during navigation)

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Kitefoil AlpineFoil EZEE : 
Level : beginner to advanced riders

This year, AlpineFoil presents a brand new foil accessible to kitesurfers who wish to start the foil at low cost. With its Made in France manufacturing, the Ezee promises to be the best quality / price kite foil of the season.

Indeed, even if the foil has been generally simplified in its manufacture, it still has technical characteristics which ensure its proper functioning. We therefore kept the full carbon wings, the mast and fuselage machining in a single aluminum block for maximum lightness and rigidity.

The Ezee is the perfect foil to learn and progress on a small budget: very evolutive, it is available with a 60 or 80 cm mast and is compatible with all the wings of the range. You will therefore have in your hands a perfectly optimized toy, always with AlpineFoil quality.


Which AlpineFoil foil to buy ? How to choose your foil according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.





  • Carbon wing 1000 basic 1050 cm² 
  • Aluminium fuselage machined 6061 T6 Aluminium aviation "Nose Less"
  • Aluminium mast 80 or 60 cm
  • 4 holes plate (165x90) - compatible board : AlpineFoil VR3 / North / Slingshot / F-One  and all boards with US rails
  • This kitefoil "noseless", is for all the riders, from beginners to advanced who is looking for an easy foil with very high quality and an exceptionnal evolutivity.

This package includes : Wing Lift 1000 BSC + carbon stabilizer basic finish, fuselage and mast in Aviation aluminum 6061 T6 CNC 5 axes machined, galvanic isolators GIS, A4 stainless steel mounting screws, 4-hole plate.

Martine N

Martine N


A quick word on the Alpinefoil Ezee + FS3 board because it's worth it.

More than a year without foiling apart from the last 2 sessions with Jean Marie's foil. 15/20 knots at Almanarre, in 8 Flysurfer Soul 2.

The foil corresponds exactly to what I need, super well advised by the boss Damien Chaboud, do not hesitate to give him a call for a future purchase. It will tell you the level budget, level and progress.In short, the foil is docile with a very smooth start and then it only asks to move forward but I remained very careful given my "messy" knee, that said I was in total confidence and it was good!
The board allows me to change feet flat as Damien had predicted, light and super pleasant in the air and it gliiiiiisse during the touches to keep the speed and get back in flight immediately!
The set is super nice, well finished and light considering the 1000 shovel and the carbon stab. And in the end, it's a pleasure to work with companies that manufacture their foils in France.

So, my friends and friends, I can get you tested...quickly because it's starting to curdle and it's all over the place.

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