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Kitefoil innovation, the new Alpinefoil Rave Max - The best compromise between freestyle and race. An all-new, completely redesigned 99/103 cm mast Made in France from the finest materials, this kitefoil offers magical glide, exceptional rigidity and unrivalled handling. The ease of a freeride kitefoil with the performance of a race foil. Push your limits with this exceptional kitefoil.

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Welcome to the product page for the all-new Alpinefoil Rave Max kitefoil, the ultimate choice for kitefoil enthusiasts. Made in France at our Alpinefoil factory, this kitefoil embodies excellence and performance thanks to the finest materials used in its construction.

The Rave Max completes Alpinefoil's range of kitefoils, midway between the Rave and the Zenos, offering incomparable versatility. Its centerpiece is an all-new 99 cm mast with a total length of 103 cm. This mast incorporates Alpinefoil's patented S-SHape system, which effectively eliminates all ventilation. The main innovation is the optimized profile, offering considerably improved glide and rigidity. This innovative profile, the result of in-depth research, stands out from the profiles previously used by Alpinefoil, maximizing glide, stiffness and foil control.

The outline of the Rave Max is inspired by the Zenos, but has been completely reworked, combining the best aspects of the Zenos and the Rave. This kitefoil offers exceptional handling for freeride and freestyle, while retaining freerace race performance. It has been specially designed for riders who don't want to choose between freeride and race kitefoil. Whether you're looking for blistering acceleration at a steep angle, tug-of-war with your buddies, long rides to cover great distances or simply surfing the waves on a downhill swell, the Rave Max will meet all your expectations.

The Rave Max inspires absolute confidence in the rider during navigation. Just push on the legs to feel the full potential of acceleration, without ever fearing ventilation or stalling. Safety and the pleasure of speed are guaranteed.

The Rave Max is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, enabling everyone to enjoy the joys of speed without constraints. It is available in various versions, including carbon or HM (High Modulus) carbon, and with aluminum or titanium fuselages of different lengths. It's compatible with all Alpinefoil fuselages designed for the S-SHape mast since 2015, giving you the option of mounting this mast on all Alpinefoil foils of this type since this year. What's more, the Rave Max has been specifically designed to fit the Pocket Pro carbon, guaranteeing lightness, rigidity, ease of use and accessibility. It can be used with any Alpinefoil. However, we particularly recommend combining it with the new DW750 wing and the HA208 or HA175 stabilizer. This combination offers an unrivalled experience, with an excellent low range, exceptional glide, good upwind ability, precise handling and excellent glide in the waves.

Experience the ultimate kitefoil with Alpinefoil's Rave Max. Enjoy every moment on the water and discover new sensations of speed, freedom and performance. Don't compromise between freeride and race, the Rave Max is here to offer you the best of both worlds.


Order your Rave Max now and get ready to push back your limits with this exceptional kitefoil, designed with passion and expertise by Alpinefoil. Let yourself be seduced by its new mast, optimized profile and carefully reworked outline, for an unrivalled kitefoil experience.


Alpinefoil Rave Max - Defy the elements, dominate the waves, experience pure adrenalin.

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