Kitefoil ACCESS V3.5

Access V3.5 AlpineFoil kitefoil - Choice of carbon wing : Lift 800, Lift1000, Wave 700 or Optional Wave 1200 + carbon stabilizer - KF-Box or 4 holes plate. Level: beginner to expert.

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Kitefoil AlpineFoil ACCESS V3 : 
Price 990,83 Euros exVAT

Level : beginner to competitor



Kitefoil Access V3.5 - VR5 foilboard Pack 2

Découverte du Kitefoil Alpinefoil Access V3.5 - Unboxing

Innovations :

+ Fuselage :

Rounded rostrum for more safety but always present to guide the flow, in order to fully exploit the potential of the wing,
Refined drift for better flow and optimal trajectory control,
Optimized wedging.

+ Mast :

New housing installation profile (type B) : reinforced mast at the base of the housing and side milling removed to increase rigidity and strength.
Internal mast leash (option).

Présentation Kitefoil - ACCESS V3

+ Housing :

Double fixing screws for more reliability and rigidity,
Anodized aluminum OAD 70 microns housing, which allows use in seawater,
Type B profile for deeper installation of the mast as well as for a laminar flow of water.

The AlpineFoil ACCESS V3 kitefoil is completely removable and interchangeable: this exceptional versatility offers the rider a real possibility of progress.

Stronger, more rigid, more stable, more secure, more accessible, more manageable, more reliable and with a design ever more worked : in addition to its incredible performances, the ACCESS V3 will offer you extraordinary sensations.

We have kept :

Carbon fiber wings,
6061 T6 aviation aluminum machined with 5-axis CNC,
Compatibility with RTeam wings,
Compatibility with the Access Carbon RTeam mast,
• The interchangeability of the mast and the masthead box (compatible with most boards on the market),
• The long fuselage for optimum stability,
Patented AlpineFoil GIS, VAS, RSS, MCF * technologies,
Torx bolting supplied,
• The assembly of all elements with a single key,
• An outstanding lightness,
• An unbeatable value for money.

* MCF Monobloc continuous Carbon Fiber 

   VAS Variable Angle System 

   RSS Reflex Stability System 

   GIS Galvanic Isolator System

This package includes : Carbon matte finish Lift standard wing + stabilizer, fuselage and mast of 95cm aluminum 6061 T6 aviation machined with 5-axis CNC, GIS galvanic isolators, A4 stainless steel mounting bolting, KF-Box housing.

Which AlpineFoil foil to buy ? How to choose your foil according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.

For more information, consult our dedicated Access V3 page here.

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