Kitefoil ZENOS RACE - Titanium

Kitefoil AlpineFoil Zenos Race titanium version - RTeam carbon wing + Race RTeam stabilizer - KFBox integrated in the mast

Kitefoil AlpineFoil ZENOS RACE Titanium

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The Zenos Full Race is the most efficient kite foil in the Alpine range. Entirely designed for the race, it will bring you comfort and precision in riding, even at very high speed. Its ultra thin profile and the maximum rigidity provided by its M46J ultra high modulus carbon composition make it the ultimate weapon for the Race. This concentrate of technologies, all signed Alpinefoil, will delight fans of competition and pure speed.

But the Titanium model has a major advantage over the aluminum version: its titanium fuselage, in addition to having an excellent lightness / solidity ratio which allows to have a very thin section, is completely insensitive to corrosion. The foil thus has an extraordinary longevity and a reduced drag.

The Zenos Full Race, it's also:

  • a very high efficiency with extremely low drag
  • an unusual upwind
  • an excellent low range
  • an optimal stability and homogeneous behavior for a reassuring foil
  • an exceptional glide

This package includes: a RTeam carbon wing of your choice + a RTeam carbon Race stabilizer, 112 cm / 108 cm useful RTeam matt varnished M46J ultra high modulous carbon S-shape mast with integrated housing, 5-axis CNC machined titanium fuselage, sacrificial anode, GIS shims, A4 Torx stainless steel mounting bolt.

For more information, consult our dedicated Zenos page here.


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