V3 Carbon HM Mast 95 (US Rail)

"95 cm High Performance Carbon Mast - Wingfoil & Kitefoil. Discover the V3 Hawk mast by Alpinefoil. Improved hydrodynamic profile for more glide, more stability and less drag. Easy maneuverability, optimized upwind performance and high-speed performance. One-piece design with no joints for greater resistance to stress. 3D profile for maximum rigidity and glide. Choose performance with the Hawk 95 cm mast."


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kitefoil hydrofoil Carbon FOIL wingfoil MAST

Carbone HM Mast 95 cm , Wingfoil, Kitefoil, Prone foil compatible with Rave, ultimate and Titanium fuselages since 2015

Length 95cm - HM High Modulous Carbon
38% more rigidity on the test bench
One-piece deck (US rail compatible)
Kitefoil / Wingfoil

The 95cm version of Alpinefoil's HM High Modulous Carbon mast, developed for Wingfoil and Kitefoil.

Recognizable by its Blue / Red / White sticker and UD High Modulus carbon band on the leading edge

Alpinefoil MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) HM technology: this mast features a "Platinum 4 Hole" type housing integrated directly into the mast fibers.
It is therefore lighter and more rigid than a conventional mast with an integrated case.

Patented S-Shape AlpineFoil Anti-ventilation system - S-shape with a mast that moves forward on the fuselage, so there's no ventilation and no stall when flying at any speed. 

Mast attachment point advanced on the fuselage for a more intuitive and natural curving than a set-back position. As soon as the foil begins to enter the curve, it follows it naturally without pilot intervention (like a parabolic ski versus a straight ski).

3D SHAPE for increased rigidity thanks to progressive 3D width, thickness, width, height

The shape of this mast has evolved along its entire length, thicker on the body side for increased rigidity, but thinner on the fuselage side to enhance glide without compromising rigidity.

Its strong points?

  • V3: Version 3.0 of the Hawk mast,
    • new mast profile (Alpinefoil is evolving with a new, more efficient hydrodynamic profile: more glide, less drag, greater rigidity, improved heading)
    • new outline the shape of the deck has been reworked in two dimensions with a widening to improve control and rigidity in the upper part
    • new plate reworked, new fillets to increase fiber performance in stress zones.
  • 95 cm:
    • It offers much greater amplitude in maneuvers, easier tacking and jibing.
    • Upwind performance (big gain in upwind angle, ideal for cruising, distance sailing and racing).
    • greater stability at high speeds, making it much easier to maintain high speeds
    • much greater wave tolerance, easier to ride 
  • One-piece construction: 
    • Thanks to its manufacturing process, no junction is visible between the mast and the case, and the mast and plate are made from a single piece.
    • greater strength and rigidity than a turntable glued to a carbon profile (traditional carbon mat construction).
  • 3D SHAPE:
    • the width and thickness of the mat vary in 3D over its entire height: optimized rigidity and glide.

In short, the Mat platine 95 completes Alpinefoil's range of carbon mats for WIngfoil and Kitefoil. Discover new sensations!

Note that the Mat Platine 95 is available for purchase with the Hawk Carbon for Wingfoil, and the Rave Air for Kitefoil.

Discover our US rail nut system

Tip: if you own an old AlpineFoil Kitefoil, this mast will enable you to use it for wingfoil or with any board with a US rail connection.

The base of this mast is a conical base with double screws, compatible with all Alpine foils with S mast since 2015.

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