HM Carbon Mast Modular

HM Carbon Mat (High Modulus Carbon) - 100% Carbon - KFBox / 4 Hole Plate (Sold without Box)
Kitefoil / Wingfoil / Surf Foil / Sup Foil

Length : 75 / 83 / 95 cm

HM carbon mast compatible with the Modular Aluminium & Carbon

The perfect evolution for your Modular Aluminium or Carbon, it allows you to optimize the performance of your foil by reducing its weight. 
Very big gains in stiffness and control of the foil. The HM High Modulus carbon is a high performance carbon with a modulus of elasticity ranging from
370 Gpa (Giga pascal and 500 Gpa) The HR High modulus used by Alpinefoil is 260 GPA, the modulus of elasticity of Asian carbons are around 160 Gpa


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